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Presentation made by Pankaj is attached. Please direct any questions related to the presentation in this thread.Valuepickr 11 September 2016.pptx (1.5 MB)

(Nishant Kandoi) #119

I did not get the slide where the difference between management and promoters are shown through color coding of various companies.

(Vishal) #120

i think in the notes there is a clue.
Green: Govt Monopoly
Blue: Professional (Kotak Doesn’t fit in though)
Dark Yellow: Owner Operator
Light Yellow: MNC
White: Tata Companies - Not sure

(ishandutta2007) #123

Basant Maheshwari is also from Kolkata, has anyone invited him to this forum ?

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The next meeting is scheduled for 9:30AM Oct 2, 2017 at Hotel Lindsay.
Location -,%20Hotel%20Lindsay/@22.558996971224,88.353288853061,17z?hl=en


As folks having taken initiative for ValuePickr Kolkata off-line meet-ups, we hope you have noticed the important communication on subject

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All members who have posted in this thread-
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Seeking everyone’s co-operation. Non-complying member posts will get automatically deleted from 2nd October, 2016

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Request to all members of this thread to REMOVE their mobile numbers and email ids from this thread.

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The meeting is tomorrow at 9:30 Am. Can anybody confirm that??

(Abhishek Basumallick) #130

It is scheduled for 9:30AM Oct 2, 2017 at Hotel Lindsay.
Location -,%20Hotel%20Lindsay/@22.558996971224,88.353288853061,17z?hl=en2

(KUNJ) #131

We had a wonderful meeting today, Abhishek da did an excellent presentation on the BASICS of Investing particularly the role of temperament in successful investing.

(Abhishek Basumallick) #132

Thanks all for the lively discussions today. Here is the presentation.
Kolkata Meet - 2Oct16 v2.pdf (759.6 KB)

Next week we will be looking at 3 specific stocks:

  • Manappuram Finance - Kunj Rajgaria
  • Capital First - Arko Ghosh and Anindito Sarkar
  • Ujjivan and MFI Industry - Vinay Agarwal

We will be meeting at the same venue (Hotel Lindsay) at 9:30AM on November 13, 2016.

(Manish Vachhani) #133

Great going dada. Kolkatta is lucky to have mentor like you to guide them.

(Abhishek Basumallick) #135

We meet again tomorrow (Nov 13) at 9:30AM at Hotel Lindsay. Location -,%20Hotel%20Lindsay/@22.558996971224,88.353288853061,17z?hl=en2

(v4value) #136

Abhishek dada will be interesting to hear the conclusions your group has on nbfc you discussed on last meet given all that has happened since

(KUNJ) #137

We had a great interactive session today on NBFCs and impact of demonetisation exercise on the economy in general .

Sharing the presentation made by me on Manappuram Finance. Thanks everyone for making it interactive.

Manappurampptx final 13.11.16.pdf (1.2 MB)

Vinay Agarwal also made an insightful presentation on MFIs and SFBs . Would request him to share his presentation here.

Would like to specifically thanks Abhishek da and Pankaj ji for their inputs and guidance


Manappuram Finance
(Vinay) #138

Yeah, Kunj it was great interactive session. Specially your presentation on Manappuram was quite detailed.

Though I made the presentation, it was Pradumn who made it more interactive and better answered the questions. I would also like to thank Vikash Tank for helping me prepare the ppt.

Presentation-MFI.pptx (134.5 KB)

Thanks everyone.

(Abhishek Basumallick) #144

For all members who want to attend the next meeting, please fill in this web form:

(us121) #146

And Aveek You made it.
Thanks to Basuda for making it happen.
It was very pleasant experience listening and interacting with you. Clarity of thought, using right word to convey what you mean, being to the point and a humble human-being is something more we learnt from you other than investing.

Hope you increase your frequency of Visiting Kolkata for our benefit.

Thanks once again.

(Aveek Mitra) #147

Sincere thanks for your kind words… I am humbled and grateful to you all for your time and patience. Pleasure was all mine for the opportunity to interact with you all… Warmest regards,

(Abhishek Basumallick) #150

Folks, the whatsapp group is meant for those who are attending the Kolkata sessions. Please register your numbers with me when you attend a session.