Investment Learning

2nd Level Learning beyond Investing Basics and Stock Market Basics.

Investor Toolkits

Feel free to share here anything that you have developed and find it useful in your own investing regimen.


Discussion about this site, its organization, how it works, and how we can improve it.

Accelerated Learning

Accelerated Learning - As the name suggests, this category aims to include abstracted practical learnings from VP practitioners of the ART of Valuation


Small stuff that we can do everyday with our new posts, or older posts to get our house looking cleaner.

Forum Abuse Examples

This category is to highlight examples of Forum Abuse. Those who indulge in such abuse knowingly, or unknowingly will understand how seriously we view such abuse/breach of Forum Guidelines. New users must read through such threads to familiarise themselves with the modus operandi.

ValuePickr in Media

Media Interviews/articles on ValuePickr.

Equity Job Openings

Hiring? You may like to announce openings here.

TopContributors Corner

The TopContributors Corner is a new category addition.
While everyone can see what is posted here, only TopContributors will be able to create and reply to topics/posts.