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Haven’t seen any notice for meeting since Nov (except that google form). Are meetings happening?

(Pradyumn) #152

Exide VP.pptx (1.9 MB)

Presentation on Exide Industries in meeting on March 5, 2017.

(saikathalder) #153

Hi all, I am new to this group, I am a native of Kolkata, please tag me along, in case of any meeting scheduled. Thanks all. I am here to learn.

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We meet on the second sunday of every month at the Lindsay Hotel opposite New Market main entrance at 9:30am.

Please join us.

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Please join one of our monthly sessions.and you will be added to the whatsapp group.

(Pradyumn) #160

Notes from Exide AGM

Gst neutral as of now in terms of price impact.

Substantial share expected from unorganised because of GST. Using Dynex brand.

7 technology partners. 2 Japan and us. 1 China and Australia

Entered erickshaw market. Using warranties there as a lure. 2.5 million by 2019. And 500000 electric buses. HUGE!

Power rates have substantially increased in some states. Which??

4-6% advantage of price cost by using smelters.

Big guys estimates like Johnson and Hitachi say electric vehicle not to exceed 12% of population by 2030.

Collaboration with American and U.K. Company for energy storage for solar batteries. Major thrust!!

Power excess because discoms don’t have finance to buy it!! So actually no excess.
Metro demand will come down. Tier 2-3 demand will keep strong.

Have got orders for Scorpene submarines. Order next month. Always in touch. Expect orders.

Last year market size in submarine 100 cr. this year size come down. Supply to others like Algeria Chile also. But not very big market. Technologically they have capacity. Very good margins.

Focus on after sales. Say that want to be best in after sales including FMCG. Is that possible??

Nothing final as of now for Exide technology US name dispute.

85% of organised market between top two. Current size of unorganised about 35-40%. A SUBSTANTIAL part should come in about two months?!!

New smelter plant at Haldia. Plants cater to 35% of overall lead requirement. Higher prices better for gaining market share.

Amar raja does have cost advantage due to factories in just two locations.

Business no longer like invest 100 cr and go off to sleep. Have to keep investing continuously. 150-200 cr maintenance Capex. But total expenses to be 400-500 cr average over years.

No plans to sell even part of insurance. Feel this is a sweet spot. So why share profits with anyone. No incremental capital required.

Solar batteries a major segment in future. Prepared for it. No need for more investment.

Exide Industries
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Thanks. Very good write up.

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Sir I am from Kolkata and interested to join/meet. Please let me know.

(NSARKAR100) #167


Is there any meet planned for October? I am coming to Kolkata for sometime , may I join?

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We meet on the second Sunday of every month at 9:30AM at Hotel Lindsay.

(NSARKAR100) #169

That means you are meeting on 8th? That’s unfortunate, gonna miss this time.

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Hi everyone!

I completed my CA last year and joined my father in our family business of garment manufacturing (for kids). However, I have been keenly interested in equities and investing since my college days and wish to learn this art! I have read a few books like One up on Wall Street, Common Stocks and Uncommon Profits, The Investment Checklist and the Letters by Warren Buffett to get a basic understanding. In order to educate myself more, I attended a 3 day Session by Prof. Bakshi at Flame University this year and also did an internship with Mr. Ankur Jain in Kolkata itself.

I wish to be a part of this group and learn more from everyone! Hope to contribute meaningfully!

Harsh Somani

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Hi I would like to join this meeting.Any norms & regulation is there to attend this meeting.

(Abhishek Basumallick) #174

All passionate investors are welcome to join. Every month second Sunday at 9:30AM at Hotel Lindsay.

(Who Cares?) #175

Please find attached the presentation used in today’s talk on Systematic quantitative investing.

Value investors often have disdain for technical analysis and systematic quantitative investing is disregarded with equal contempt as it gets clubbed with technical analysis. Objective of the presentation is to cover the basics of quantitative investing, explain how it is another approach of capturing value and that there are useful lessons for a hard core fundamental investor to follow even though he may never get in to full fledged systematic quantitative investing. It covers the following key messages

• How Sanjay Bakshi and Vijay Mallick talked about their technical analysis experience and why they have never looked back after abandoning it.
• Father of Value investing is also the father of quantitative investing. Ben Graham was a quant.
• We all look up to Buffett. But many of his batch mates from Ben Graham class successfully practised quantitative investing e.g. Tweedy Browne, Walter Schloss.
• How does quant investing generate alpha. Where does it fit in the spectrum of investing strategies?
#What is momentum investing? Why does it work? What are the pitfalls? Why isn’t everyone a momentum investor?
• 4 Broad approaches to systematic quantitative investing. Yuck, GARP, Pri-Mo & Fun-Mo. How it captures alpha by covering the different segments of the market.
• Key takeaways for value investors and source of ideas from quantitative screens
System is the edge!.pdf (1.5 MB)

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Would love to be a part of this group. Have moved from Mumbai a couple of months back.

Is there a Whatsapp group like there is for Mumbai?

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I am in individual investor based in Kolkata and would be interested in meeting like minded people from my city.


(Abhishek Basumallick) #178

please join us at Hotel Lindsay on Feb 11, 2018 at 9:30 AM.

(learning) #179


I am interested to join. Please let me know if I can come and date and time of next meet.

Also will there be any agenda or expectation from us.


(pulkitj) #180

Thank you, looking forward.