ValuePickr Kolkata

(Abhishek Basumallick) #88

All those who have responded to me directly or on this thread, please come to the venue tomorrow at 9am.

The details are in the post above: ValuePickr Kolkata

Hoping to meet you all there.

( s das) #90

Hi wish you all Best of Luck for tomorrows event. Will miss as down with fever, may be viral.:cry:

(Ashwini Damani) #91

We had our first VP Kolkata Meet on 21st August’16 at Smash Street Cafe. There were 28 participants of all age group from 25-60 and from professional full time investors to newbie investors. A well diverified setup. We used today’s meeting for setting the tone and agenda for our subsequent sessions along with general discussions on how to approach the equity markets

The biggest takeaway from the meet was the phrase mentioned by @basumallick Sir

The agenda itemlist for our subsequent meetings are as follows

  • A discussion on the structured process of Equity Research and how to clearly document our thoughts

  • Identifying Businesses/Stocks that will last for a long term with minimum disruptions in form of technology or obsolecence.

  • How to generate ideas

  • Tools to use for better research and understanding

  • Identifying Parameters for future winners

  • How to identify patterns of failure

  • Allocation and Portfolio Sizing

  • Understanding how sucessful investors spend their time - What do they do, what they avoid, what they read.

  • What to read in an Annual Report

  • How to Analyse Financial Statements

  • Forensic Accounting and identifying landmines

  • Valuation of Business

  • Using the Group as a means of understanding various industries and identifying value chains in various companies

  • Discussing Big Ideas from other disciplines

( s das) #92

Congrats to all of you. Hope you all had a great time.

(Sagar Bhadury) #93

Congratulations to every one and @basumallick for making this event a great success… I wish I could be there…

(achin) #96

Nice to see the pics of the first meet. I am new in valuepickr. Wish to be in future meets if time permits. Please add me to the whatapps.

(Longterm) #99

sir ,

could not make it inspite of being over enthusiastic about the event . The fever at wrong time.

Kindly add me in the whatsapp group.

Rahul 9831559111

(Abhishek Basumallick) #100

We meet again at the same venue on 11-Sep-16.

(Amitayu) #101

hi @basumallick Is the timing also will be same i.e 9 AM?

(Abhishek Basumallick) #102

We planned to meet at 9:30 AM from this time.

(vinod hada) #103

sorry wont be able to attend the meet …out of town for 10 days from friday…

(Rajarshi) #109

This is great news Abhishek da. I will be a regular attendee from here on as I have relocated to Kolkata.

(Rajarshi) #110

Is there any whatsapp group for VP kolkata? Can anyone plz confirm and if yes who is the owner.

(Prodipto Mondal) #111

Ok i will create a whats app group, please reply me all member whatsapp no.

(Abhishek Basumallick) #112

There is already a whatsapp group. Numbers will only be added for those who have attended sessions.

The next meeting is at the same venue as last time (Smash Street in Salt Lake, near swimming pool) at 9:30 AM on Sunday, 11-Sep.

(KUNJ) #113

Hello Sirjee…,

Will be glad to attend the meet tomorrow. Hv already sent details to you as personal message.


(pakko) #114

Can I attend tomorrow’s meet

(ravindra127) #115


I am R K Agarwal practising chartered accountant

Would love to contribute and learn

Interested in attending tomorrow’s meeting

(nik.motive) #116

Dear Mr. Basumallick…I am also interested to attend the seminar tomorrow. Please consider me.

(Abhishek Basumallick) #117

We had the 2nd meeting today. Participation was even higher than the first meeting, with 36 people turning up today.

Pankaj Gupta did a wonderful presentation on evaluating managements of companies. ( He will be putting up the ppt shortly) and we had good Q&A post the presentation. If there are any other unanswered questions please feel free to ask in the thread.

The next meeting will be on Oct 2nd, 2017 at 9:30 AM. Venue to be finalized and confirmed later.