ValuePickr Bengaluru

(Prasanna) #50

Hi All,
Joined the whatsapp group today. Missed out on the recent meet :slight_frown:
Please share the details of what got discussed, any interesting ideas etc.


(mukesh) #53

Hi Anurag congratulations for valuepickr benglore meeting. We are eager to know what was discussed in meeting which will add value to many friends who had not attended meeting

(a_anurag79) #54

It was good first meet. Since there were many new people, focus of the first meet was to understand basics - balancesheet, P&L & Cashflow statement. Thanks to Saurabh for sharing his knowledge. He has also shared excel / framework which gives data at a glance for a company.

Future meets have to be planned considering different levels of the members - some are at very advanced level and some are just starting.

(talkwithsrinivas) #55

Hi anurag, @a_anurag79
Can the excel sheet be shared here for the benefit of others?


(a_anurag79) #56

@suru27 - Can you please share the sheet

(Prasad India) #58

Hi Satish, please put up the google group we have created and we wish to join.

(naravi2011) #59

Thanks Satish for taking such an initiative. Please add me in the group. I will message you my contact and mail details.


(Kumar Saurabh) #62

Attaching for benefit of others. This may not be an error proof sheet and hence please validate it individually. Many thanks to Donald, Dr. Vijay Malik for sharing templates in open forum which helped me to build a this(not yet done completely). So, please provide credit to contributions made while using this template in open forums.
Cupid Analysis5.xlsx (338.3 KB)

(Vipin Nair) #63

Please add me to WhatsApp group. Would love to meet fellow ValuePickr’s.

(nil_71) #64

Hi Satish, Please add me in the WhatsApp group. I messaged you my number. Regards Nilabja

(Mahesh C) #65

Hi, Bengaluru valuepickrs. Donald Francis , the owner and promoter of this website (whose service and contribution is so selfless and invaluable) I think is from Bangalore. we should try and get him to next meet, his intellectual richness and investing wisdom can make great impact for our learning. Lets plan meet sometimes during December this year. I can take initiative and start preparing agenda and making plan from now. Or anyone, feel free to do it, I can help in any way I can. Throw some dates around 2nd or 3rd week of December.



As folks having taken the initiative for organising ValuePickr Bangalore off-line meet-ups, we hope you have noticed the important communication on subject

1.Please confirm that you have taken the first step. Renaming the WhatsApp group to not use ValuePickr (words, logo,byline)
2.Please create a closed (invitation only) Google doc/Excel ASAP (if not already existing) and share that with folks here (after updating already existing user contact details) so this thread is not vulnerable to spammers. But new members can continue to join the initiative.

All members who have posted in this thread-
1.Please ensure your contact details are updated with above folks, and then self-edit your posts to say something about yourself, interest areas, professional or domain expertise and anything else you may want to add (ignore, if already done), but most importantly make sure you delete your contact details floating around for spammers.
2.Please comply with this house-keeping request latest by 1st Oct, 2016 and help us keep VP a clean uncluttered, value-additive space

It is in this groups interest that group members identities and profiles are well established to help increase your TRUST CIRCLES. Newer members have an incentive to reach out naturally to folks one resonates with, and create a self-reinforcing loop.

Seeking everyone’s co-operation. Non-complying member posts will get automatically deleted from 2nd October, 2016

(Satish Earthling) #68
  1. Complied.“VP Bengaluru Meetup” is the group name.
  2. Complied .We have a closed group in excel , its already shared in the first post for benefit of group.
    So far its been a great group and a lovely first meetup going by the words of the all the members who could meetup.

(Mahendra.jain) #70

Missed the thread earlier, have a left a message…kindly add in group…

(sumitg04) #74

Hey Anand… we can catch up in Shantiniketan…lol

(Satish Earthling) #80

As already mentioned , kindly adhere to the guidelines. No need to place your numbers in open forum and aid spammers.Please read the note in the beginning of the post carefully for correct details.

(Shan) #83

Next meetup is scheduled for tomorrow Sunday 4th Dec, same place same time.

Details here:

(Shan) #87

Heads up, pencil in your calendar Jan 8, Sunday, as the next meeting date. More details later and please do suggest what you’d like to hear or talk about, or other suggestions about the Bangalore meet up! :slight_smile:

(Munish Sahni) #88

Hi @satishwe
Messaged you my number. Please add me in whatsap group.


(saurabhshares) #90

Could someone please summarize who to contact to join this bangalore group.
And who are some of the lead people of this group?
What are these meetings and what kind of discussion happen in these?