ValuePickr Bengaluru

(mknits) #22

Hi Satish,

Thanks for the group. I’m new to the world of stock market (just 2 years). I am into IT field.

– Mohit

(Abhik Chitta Ghanti) #23

Hi Satish,
I messaged you my number. Please add me to the group.

(shrivaibhav) #25

Hi Satish ,
Please add me to the group as well, Have messaged you
Many thanks for the initiative.

(Chintan) #26

I am in Bengaluru and would love to meet other Valuepickrs.


(Prash) #29

Hi Satish,

I am Interested. Add me to the group. Have messaged you


(Chirag) #30

Has a decision been made on date, time and place? Thank you!

(Satish Earthling) #31

Not yet. Ll happen soon.

(Satish Earthling) #33

Hi all,
Kindly message me on whatsapp , is easier for me add that way, copying number from here is additional work for me.

(John Kuruvilla) #34

Please add me in too
john kuruvilla

(Hitesh) #36

Hi Satish send you my whatsapp request to add me also thanks again

(Manoj Khokale) #37

Hello Satish,
Really good initiative. I have messaged you on WA.

(Shan) #38

We’re meeting this Sunday. Please refer to the whatsapp group for details. I will not be updating at two places (here and whatsapp) so just follow the whatsapp group

(Chirag) #39

Hi, Can someone who has the details please put the meeting place and time here?

Thank you!

(vinaytp) #40

Hi All,

Someof us are not in Watsapp group, hence request you put the meeting details here…


(a_anurag79) #41

Tomorrow’s (11th Sep) meeting has been finalized.
Venue (Thanks to Shan for arranging the venue) -
Clubhouse of Brigade Paramount Apartments, Old Madras Road, Opp RMZ Infinity, Bangalore.

Timing - 9am to 1pm

Topics Covered - How to read Balancesheet and P&L statement, understand Cashflow.

Saurabh and Manoj have kindly agreed to present these topics. If anyone else is interested to contribute, please reach out to Saurabh and Manoj. I am sure they will welcome that.

Expenses - Clubhouse charges are Rs 1500/- Clubhouse and other miscellaneous expenses (if any) will be divided equally between all the members who come for meet. So far around 15 to 20 people have agreed to come for meet. So approximate expense will be Rs100/- each.

Satish P has kindly agreed to bring projector. In case there are any charges for that, it will be added to expenses.

(vinaytp) #43

Hi Anurag,

Thank you so much for posting the details here in the community.
I will be attending the meeting


(Satish) #44

We will start at 9:30 instead of 9. The Club house will be cleaned and handed over by 9:30 for us.

(Shan) #45

All details are here also for easy sharing

(ajumathew) #48

Hi Satish, Missed this thread. I am also interested to be part of the group and future discussions (missed the meeting today - hope it happned). Will share with you my contact details. Would appreciate if you could add me to the group.

Also would help if you or someone who participated in the meeting today could share the notes.

(Samir P H) #49


Can someone please share all the material that was used for presentation on 9/11 (specially the excel framework for initial filtering)? Though I attended the meeting last Sunday, I joined the whatspp only today.