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(kanvgarg123) #91

This is the second time I will miss the meet up. Last time it was on 5th December - During CAT exam and this time it is on 8th Jan - During XAT exam. :frowning: :frowning:

(Raj) #92

Best of luck for your exam…

(kanvgarg123) #93

Thank you very much :slight_smile:

(kanvgarg123) #95

Guys for people like me who missed it because of force majeure circumstances, can you please summarize how the meeting went? if someone who gave presentations, can up load their’s ? it will be immensely helpful :slight_smile:


(Raj) #96

The next meetup is on Sunday Feb 5. Please block your calendar.

Most of you might have seen the whatsapp message and might have confirmed your presence. Those who haven’t done so, please do it fast.

Agenda, Venue and timing will be updated soon.


(Chandra) #97

Hello All,
My name is Chandrashekara. I am living in Bangalore. I am member of ValuePickr Forum.
Can you please add me to ValuePickr Bengaluru Forum.
Many thanks.

(Raj) #98

Please do not expose your number on public forums like this. Delete your number from the message and send a PM to @satishwe.

(Chandra) #99

Many Thanks Raj. Deleted the number. Best regards.

(shrivaibhav) #100

Posting Meet Details

(Raj) #101

Location details

(Shan) #103

Sorry guys, will miss tomorrow. :frowning:

But Saurabh has a great preso for you and I have provided some inputs also. Please do let me know how it goes and your questions and feedback. Will join for the next one for sure.

(shrivaibhav) #105


Posting the Details /Location for this Months Meet up

(kanvgarg123) #106

We don’t have to register right ?
I am interested in coming. Do we have pay any charges?


(nil_71) #107

Yes- You need to pay charges of Rs500 and that is for 1 quarter. All the people already paid till date.No separate registration required

(kanvgarg123) #108

So, If I come tomorrow, I can pay the money there itself? Also my membership will be valid till May?

Thanks in advance for clarification

(nil_71) #109

There is no separate payment for membership. This money is being used for payment of rented facility. As you understand, we need to hire a decent facility in the city for 3-4 hours for this meet. Yes you can pay.

(kanvgarg123) #110

I totally understand. Thanks for organizing it. See you tomorrow there :slight_smile:


(devinmori) #115

I would also like to join. Please add me also.
Edit : Mobile number removed. I have sent PM earlier and awaiting for joining.

(Satish Earthling) #117

Please read the first post properly, don’t put your mobile numbers in an open forum and become easy target for spammers. Not adding anyone who is not adhering to the guidelines.

(sankalpv) #118

I have sent you a message. Please add me to the whatsapp group.