ValuePickr Bengaluru

(Satish Earthling) #1

Amazed , we don’t have one in Bengaluru.

Idea is for regular( monthly) meetup with constant learning and deeper research. I can arrange for location and other stuff to start with. If anyone is interested connect with me on whatsapp.[There is no need to mention your mobile numbers in this thread and become a target for spammers , just send a whatsapp message that would suffice]
Please update your preference here , so that we can plan accordingly.

Lets follow these rules for everyone’s benefit,

Meetup group Rules.

  1. No messages to be posted in this group which are not related to meetup. Kindly use for any thing you want to share other than meetup.
    Use the other whatsapp group for discussions/fwds etc which is not related to meetup. Contact Vaibhav if u like to be part of that group.
  2. NEVER Promote excessively (buy/sell) any stocks or personal businesses.( Kindly Keep in Mind SEBI guidelines)
  3. During meetup limit discussion to Valuation methods , stock research/analysis , no stock tips,trading tips please.


(bibhu ashish panda) #2

Satish thanks. I am in.Please add me for any future meetup and discussion planning. I will send a message to your number.

(Sunil) #3

Hi Satish,

Messaging you my number. Please add me in whatsap group.

(Samir P H) #4

Thank you Satish for taking the initiative. Please add me in the group. I will message you my contact and mail details.


Thanks for the initiative. Have sent message to you!

(Chirag) #6

Please announce any meet up plans on this forum too. Thank you!

(Kumar Saurabh) #7

Was eagerly waiting for this.w I’ll message my no . M in

(butun) #8

I am in too thanks Butun

(Shivashankar) #9

Thanks for the initiative… I too will try to join the meetup…

(Govindarajan) #10

Hi Bibhu,

I had a team mate exactly with your name in Infosys Finacle. Are you the same person?

(kokila) #11

Hi satish. Pls add my husband abhinav rajvanshy no in whats app group. He is interested in joining bangalore group. Wl msg u hs no. Thanks.

(vinaytp) #12

Hi Satish,

Thanks for taking this initiavitve, I am in.
I will message you my number


(vinaytp) #13

Hi Satish,

Request you to inform the meeting information on this forum as some of us are not using Watsapp.


(Satish Earthling) #15

Shekar, pls ping me on WhatsApp, not able to see you on WhatsApp.

(asterix) #16

Hello Satish,

This is really great initiative. I am sending my number through Whatsapp. Please add me into the group.


(Ravi S) #17

Pl add me in. Ravikumar S.

(Chirag) #18

I think we have more than 10 people showing interest in this meet up.

Can we please trigger the next phase that is:

  • Decide the place
  • Decide date and time

(barathmukhi) #19

Please add me as well. I’ve sent you a message on whatsapp

(pchan) #20

I have sent my details. Please add me to the group.


(Prem Shankar) #21

I am interested too. Sending a message to your phone number. Hope to meet soon…