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The current CEO/MD Mr. Bharat Vageria is more down to earth and nose-to-the-ground compared to his predecessor (and co-founder) who was very flashy. Current management takes all questions in the con-call seriously and answers them properly even if questions are repeats/answers are available in the PPT.

While the overall growth numbers in the last few quarters speak for themselves:

  1. Company has tendency to get into niche areas whose growth/TAM is difficult for outsiders/investors to understand - I haven’t been able to understand even by asking questions in multiple recent conf-calls about how big the oxygen cylinder opportunity is and if it’s rewarding enough for management attention.

    • If it is for ambulances, are there a handful of businesses that equip an ambulance with oxygen cylinders and may be convinced of their efficacy ?
    • Not sure how big a sport is mountain-climbing in India for a Rs.4000+ cr revenue company to concentrate as a business vertical.
  2. Overseas manufacturing (~34% TTM revenue) is mostly regular legacy products (with very little composite/value-add) but still has almost same EBITDA % as India manufacturing, and better PAT %. It also grew revenue at ~24% last year and ~13-14% this quarter.

    • India manufacturing (legacy products) revenue is stagnating with probably ~100cr annual growth on a base of ~1850cr.
    • Even among value-added products (EBITDA 17-17.5%) the only growth driver is CNG products (cascades) with revenue doubling every year and expected to atleast double annually for next 2-3 years.
    • All non-CNG value-added products (~810+ cr FY23 revenue have been growing at 10% for the last 2-3 years), with LPG opportunity not panning out as expected. With the IOC order last year (repeated this year) LPG is running at ~90% realizable capacity of 1Million cylinders and company is not confident enough of both local/exports demand to expand LPG capacity.

Thankfully CNG cascade/cylinders demand is growing rapidly and auto-cylinders are probably a good optionality after next 2 years or so (from FY26). Tata motors have mentioned that 1 in 3 cars they sell would either be an EV or CNG fueled.

LPG remains a far away optionality but left to distributors like IOC. Hydrogen needs to cross the hype stage.

Discl: Invested/following the company since 2018.


This is incorrect. Their overseas business is largely IBCs and composite cylinders and both are value added products. Excluding their US battery business, they have very good margins.

Just take a glance at the amount of capital they invested and the kind of money they make in exports.

NED energy is the entity which has been struggling due to subscale battery business in USA.


Another good set of results, with sales growing by 14% and EPS by 27%. In the past, management used to overguide and underdeliver and this has changed significantly since Mr. Bharat Vageria has taken over as CEO. Not only are they being more measured in their capex spends, but they have been judiciously paying down debt while focusing more on value added capex. There is a good possibility that they end up delivering 20% ROCEs in next couple of years. Concall notes below.


  • Debt reduced by 32 cr. in Q1FY24
  • Capex: 44 cr. (18 cr. towards established products + 26 cr. towards value-added products)
  • Divestment discussions are at an advanced stage, talking with multiple customers to sell different parts of business geographically
  • Expect 500 cr. of revenues in composite products in FY24
  • US has declined by 20%, but haven’t seen that kind of pressure in other export markets
  • Export breakup: 50% (South east Asia and Taiwan), 20% (USA), 30% (Middle East)
  • MOX film: have capacities to do 150-160 cr. revenues. Don’t plan to add capacity
  • Received PESO approval for manufacturing Carbon Fibre Reinforced Composite Cylinder (Type-III) for Medical Oxygen and Breathing air (first Indian company to get this)
  • Will submit hydrogen cylinder to PESO for approval in 2024

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Latest annual report out today and is very optimistic.


Time Technoplast Annual Report 2022 -23
Annual-Report-2022-23.pdf (3.2 MB)

Rating Update

India Ratings Affirms Time Technoplast at ‘IND AA-’/Stable

Time techno came out with good q2 fy 24 results with both topline and bottomline growth. Presentation attached.

Important update from presentation is “The Company is in advanced stages of discussion for 2 out of 3 geographies for the said consolidation cum restructuring of overseas business and
estimating to complete the transaction including receipt of proceeds in FY 2023-2024.”

If proceeds received from divestment are significant, then it could be a good trigger. Definitive timeline given for the corporate action. Concall on 16 th Nov will provide more details. disc: invested.

time techno q2 fy 24 presentation.pdf (2.4 MB)


My impressions from Q2 FY24 results & ppt:

Company had given a deadline of end-Sep 2023 to complete the whole overseas sale for the last 8-9 months atleast, and clarified that 2/3 (US, SE Asia, SW Asia/Middle East) were in advanced discussions in last conference call. Looks like they need more time to close this. US business is going through headwinds, so one can speculate if selling US business is problematic.

  1. CNG Cascades - 225 crores order book for next 6-8 months - ~170+ crores revenue possible in next 2 quarters for FY24. No other competition, but noises from BHEL-Indraprasta Gas MoU to develop CNG Cascades esp for hydrogen applications. Indraprasta Gas is a Time Techno customer.

  2. LPG - going on BAU mode with IOC repeat order (~7.6L) utilizing most realizable capacity of 1M. They made ~231 cr in FY22, ~190 cr in FY23 and may be clock ~200+ cr in FY24. Looks like IOC order is high volume but less profitable as company hasn’t increased LPG capacity in last few years. Supreme Industries has got similar order from IOC, but not sure if Supreme competes with Time Techno by supplying to other PSU/private LPG companies

  3. IBC - Expanding big time - company has IBC capacity directly and through subsidiaries both in India and all over the world (Type-4 LPG and CNG Cascade capacities are only in India as far as I know). Pyramid Technoplast which recently IPOd is a direct competitor here, and also expanding capacity judiciously.

  4. FY24 remaining order book of 200 cr for pipes - these are good top line numbers, but this is less profitable and probably more working capital intensive too… cash flow might also take longer if this is related to govt contracts.

Overall a lot better than expected Q2 results, hopefully will lead to 650-675 crores FY24 EBITDA.

Management is clearly executing well on value-added products revenue/profitability… fingers crossed on their 17% EBITDA goal within 3 years… the goal was for 17% including overseas business, but will be easier to achieve with just India business.

Discl: Invested since 2018, added more till 2022, big part of portfolio.


I am pleasantly surprised that Time Technoplast has gotten into a very good growth patch, with improvement in margins and continued growth in sales. Sales grew by 16.6% and EPS by 41% this quarter. They are close to finalizing the international divestment deal. Concall notes below.


  • FY24 revenues should cross 5000 cr. (H1:H2 revenue mix is 45:55)
  • Debt reduced by 2 cr. in Q2FY24
  • Capex: 55 cr. (22 cr. towards established products + 33 cr. towards value-added products)
  • CNG cascade: order book of 225 cr.
  • FY24 expected ROCE: 15.5% and 1.5% improvement each year
  • 18-22% margins in composite cylinders
  • Seeing 15%+ growth in IBCs. GNX brand from Time Technoplast has been well established globally and is their main competitive advantage, as overseas customers ask for GNX IBCs for chemical shipments
  • Target divestment of 100 cr. of non-core assets and no non-core assets by FY25
  • Overseas divestment: valuation of ~1000 cr., will be selling 80%. Will be finished in FY24

I am also adding my notes from their AGM held earlier.

AGM23 notes

  • LPG Composite cylinders: Added new countries like Taiwan, Ghana, Nigeria, Bermuda, St. Lucia, Romania, Burundi and Australia. Applied for approval to supply LPG cylinders to the USA
  • CNG cascade cylinder order book: 250 cr.
  • Introduction of Multi-Layer Technology for Industrial Packaging products (Drums, Jerry cans and IBCs) for use of Post Consumer Recycled (PCR) material in the middle layer of the product and use of PCR material to manufacture IBC Components are few steps in that direction. To encourage reuse of IBC, innovative business models such as cross bottling, collection, rebottling and reuse is now the new norm
  • Overseas divestment: offering businesses on the basis of 3 regions, i.e. USA, South East Asia (including Taiwan) and MENA Region. Due diligence including legal process is on for two out of three regions and is expected to be completed any time soon
  • FY24 capex: ~200 cr.

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