RIL: Is the 'Reliance" on 'Jio' Justified?

Manufacturing of that battery by reliance in India is tied to progress in Dhirubhai Ambani Giga complex

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I have only one question for the community, What percentage do you think reliance has to become the first Indian company to be with a trillion-dollar market cap?

They Have 3 established verticals(PetroChemicals, Retail, Telecom, and Media) and 1 new vertical(Green Energy) in which they are trying to establish themselves.

Of course, down the line, they will split these verticals into separate entities, but I will say there is a 30% chance of reliance to become the first Indian Entiry to be quoted at 1Trillion USD. Which would be 3x of their current market value.

PS: TATA group’s cumulative market cap is 314B USD, the only Indian entity which I think can beat them to it, if I have to say I would give them a 40% chance to be the first to trillion dollars. and 30% to all the other listed companies.


Looks like healthcare is going to be a big focus area for Reliance.

Bloomberg also covers this


I would tend to disagree. Their 4G rollout was one of most daring and innovation led roll out. They co-created 4G network with a novice OEM Samsung bypassing established players Nokia, Ericsson and Huawei.