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Hello Meekinvestor - I cant agree more. What price did you get in Vikram Solar?

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Hello Compounder - What price did you enter in OYO? I am actively pursuing this one.

  1. l was broker acted like he was being generous with me. Today, for 500, the price they show is 215. For larger numbers, it goes down to 199.

You have to be careful, more when buying unlisted shares. My NSE shares are doing very well, so are the Tata Tech ones.


I could get in at 205. For future transactions, explore Altius, professional set of folks.

I continue to chase Oyo, Bira, CSK. I would have dearly loved to have NSE but not at 4400+.

I bought from Altius. I have Bira too. Not too sure about Oyo.

Mostly at around 66. Price discovery is a big problem in unlisted space. It depends how well you negotiate with the broker.

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Any idea which platform has access to Matrix gas shares? Tried the planify route, but they don’t have. Please let me know.

Dear friends ,
I am planning to buy unlisted shares from company ^^ Wealth Wisdom India Private Limited**

Would appreciate any first hand feedback of the reliability of the company .

Thanks to have your quick response

There is no doubt that there is liquidity crunch of NSE shares and on the other hand HNIs and lot of buyers are keen to grab it.
So it gives a good opportunity for the companies dealing in unlisted shares to make quick bucks from buyers taking advantage and increasing the price almost every week ! .

Vikas Bro - Were you able to buy NSE? Their Rev, NP and PE looks great. I missed buying at 3400, 3700 and 4k. Every time felt, price was high and some institution would sell and i will get it at lower price but it didn’t. If positive case closure data points emerge, would be fun to see the action. I am sure they will report another fantastic set of yearly numbers and come with a 100 rupees div.

Not yet .But trying to have a deal…Current ask is Rs 4500 to Rs 4600 !!

Good luck. Demand/Supply mismatch ruling the price points, not sure if its sustainable in the short term. Good scrip, would be interesting to see the case clearance, 12 months financial data prior to IPO and then markets giving 30PE? may be and we have the IPO price band.

Dear members,

Which is the authentic app/site for buying unlisted share? Please provide the details.

Check out Altius. I found them professional.

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I recently bought from altiusinvestech, everything went fine

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Took a position in CSK!

Continue to explore NSE, felt prices have cooled down a bit and will continue to do so in the short term. +/- 5 to10% is name of the game.

Anyone who wants to scuttlebutt on Polymatech Ltd. Here is the employee count of Polymatech according to EPFO data-

Disclaimer: Exited last month (biased opinion)

What is the price being quoted now for nse?

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4300-4500 double SPA, this was earlier 4500-4899.

It is opto semiconductor making company. “Semiconductor” !!! 20 employees are more than enough… It’s fully precise machine work. Above human capabilities. In future, you will see manless production facilities for such products.