Buy Unlisted Shares

How should I buy shares of unlisted companies? Like - Bandhan Bank, Paynimo, etc.

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Get clarity on Taxation for Dividend and holding period of unlisted shares… it is different from listed shares. Not sure if unlisted shares can be held as demat

There are couple of entities/brokers dealing in Unlisted Companies (Google for them and you will see handful of them). However, you need to be careful about dealing in unlisted companies as there is very little information available and price discovery is a challenge. Also there is always uncertainty about their listing and I have seen they keep pushing dates in bear markets.

If you are looking to sell any of delisted shares, then there is very little chance of recovering any significant amount.

Unlisted shares can be held in the demat form. Personal experience! However they are not reflected in your demat account till such time as they are listed.

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They are definitely visible in Demat account. I have a CDSL acc and I can confirm this.


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I have my demat and trading account with Integrated Enterprises. So my unlisted shares do not show up on the “trading account” window - but yes they are reflected in the demat portfolio. I ought to have framed my answer better. Apologies and thank you for correcting me!

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