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Funny if you really think that way. No matter how automated it’s manufacturing is, the number of employees in management, accounts, HR, PR, sales, IT, other non-manufacturing posts should be more than that number.
Think again!

Many employers keep their direct employee count to below 20, so that provisions of Indian Factory act dont apply. Polymatech manages with 19 key employees, and support functions such as accounts, HR, PR, sales, IT, other non-manufacturing posts are sourced from Manpower Agencies.

Once factory act does not apply, then Employees Provident Fund and some other statutory provisions don’t apply.

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What are the current prices of sbi amc, tata capital and nsdl?

Their DRHP got rejected by SEBI. This company has many red flags so better to avoid.

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The submission was not rejected but returned. Among them, both Polymatech and Waaree are notable, as their revised DRHPs will offer investors greater clarity, particularly concerning the upcoming financials for FY 23-24. Consequently, the valuation will be contingent upon the forthcoming results, which are anticipated to reflect the impressive growth trajectory of the company.

Brother, it’s crucial to think any investment opportunity, but it’s equally important not to think only. Visit the plant and address every conceivable doubt, from employee numbers to processes, product types, and subsidies. I bet you will have great experience for this company. It’s essential to immerse yourself in the business before investing. Once you’ve entered, monitor closely. In the stock market, nobody is infallible, but always wrong.

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I went through the process for NSE with planify. My experience has been very bad. They do not reply on time and questions are unanswered for weeks at times. They do no follow ups from their side. I would definitely recommend against anyone using their services.

It will reflect but current trading value not showing. Any unlisted shares had some locking period after listing. Buy good unlisted shares. Definitely gives good returns after listing. Waiting period is must

It’s around 4250-4300

Is anyone aware of the list of water treatment players operating in the private space?

Is Matrix Gas & renewables shares available in unlisted market. Matrix is one of the company selected under PLI scheme for electrolyser for producing Green Hydrogen. Matrix have recently raised 350 crs from preferential shares where some famous and noted investors have participated like Gunvanth Baid, NAV capital.

How to buy matrix gad unlisted shares

Please try from the Unlisted Zone . Very good experience

Matrix gas & renewables not available in unlisted zone

So far, have had extremely steep prices from Unlisted Zone. Please verify the prices from other sources also before closing the deal.

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Had a very bad experience today from unlisted zone. Please think twice before working with them. They are quoting 1150 for HDB financial

I put in a inquiry to sell my shares and they quoted 950rs

I checked with some offline brokers and they are giving 990/1010 bid/ask. Usually this kind of spread is okay.

Spread is always worse in unlisted shares because why not?
Brokers milk us out
I sold polymatech for 900 when the selling price was 975, This was to a local broker who gave me the best rates.

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Till now i have traded in NSE (first purchase was at 860/-), tata tech, paytm, hdb, icici lombard (back in 2017) , sterlite power and motilal housing finance. The thing is even if they offer you the best rates, i cant wire money to any jock with a twitter page.
For purchases i contact a delhi based broker (near cannought place), check price with him, visit his office, transfer money and get shares at the same time. This arrangement is working fine since last 8 years. Some rounding off negotiation always happen while fixing price.

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This report examines the valuation of the Indian Premier League (IPL) and further growth opportunities.

Hope it’s helpful for investors who are holding CSK or are planning.
Disclaimer:- I am not invited

Jefferies report on IPL.pdf (5.1 MB)

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