Annapurna Swadisht Ltd - A Swadisht FMCG investment?

Music Video

What’s this!

Are they getting into music production?

Seems like a gimmick.

Need to focus much more on Core business.

Awaiting results.

Anyone has access to Distribution numbers for AS in their states of operation?

How many retailers they go to each month from how many distributors?

Hi Guys,

What does it meant by this paragraph on page 11. Is it saying that volumes are low in North East Region. So profit will be low in upcoming results?

It is just grammatically incorrect sentence. What they mean to say is that as a company majority of their operations and hence revenue is being driven by the North-East region of India, and they think that the profits are inadequate. The sentence should read:
“The company is regularly making profit. However, presently our volume of operations are limited to North East Indian States only. Because of the limited span of our operations, our profits seem inadequate.

Point 2 suggests the measures that the company is taking to improve the span of their operations via geographical expansion and diversification, and, increase the utilization of their production facilities.

Point 3 is forward looking statement, which signifies that because of the steps mentioned in point 2, they are confident of posting better than previous fiscal’s results.