Annapurna Swadisht Ltd - A Swadisht FMCG investment?

Just to add to what Nalini shared, they have recently hired Mr. Sanjay Kumar as head of operations, who wast earlier cluster head for instant noodles Wai Wai and before that with Nestle, handling four instant noodle (MAGGI) manufacturing lines having capacity of 150 tonnes per day.


Personally, this does not inspire confidence, not that it is uncommon, it is common AFAIK with FMCG businesses, but this could also mean such KMP may again move if a more lucrative offer is made from other companies, even back to home, so to speak, just like in IT.

And for the stipulated time period, if any changes are made, and there is visibility of such changes in the business, if the important personnel leave, the company will replace them with available talent, and can build on the already established processes and go forward.

Not invested, been following the posts for a few days, just saying.

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RAVI SARDA (CFO) SOLD 100000 shares, value Rs. 3.057 cr (Rs. 305.7 / share) through Market Sale.
Does not sound good.

Disclosure: invested.

Just noticed that the buyer is marque investor Ajay Upadhyay in Annapurna Swadisht who bought 175500 shares.