5 mins is all thats needed to analyze a business!

Hi All,

Over the months I have picked up a lot at this forum. Thought now might be a good time to give something back :slight_smile:

Attached below is a file that does detailed deep-diving on all quantitative aspects of a business. It also computes the right price to jump in the business on 3 separate methods (Historical PE, Future EPS growth and RoE).

And all you need is 5 min to update it -

  1. Update the ‘Quantitative’ tab with simple copy paste the entire ‘Data Sheet’ downloadable from screener.in
  2. Update the ‘Qualitative’ tab with shareholding information from company’s website

The file looks at all relevant metrics (RoE, EPS growth, Sales growth, Promoter holding, CFO, Debt, Receivables, Invetory etc). It also computes useful numbers on Piotroski, Dupont and Altman.

Having said that, there is no substitute for detailed (infact very detailed!) analysis we should do through ARs and other docs. The ‘Qualitative’ tab has some judgemental numbers we can assign to different aspects of the business/industry based on the detailed study. This in turn computes a weighted score for the company out of 100. This step being optional does not impact the quantitative numbers the file is capable of producing :slight_smile:

Britannia_VU.xlsx (131.1 KB)

For sure we should compare multiple business opportunities to hunt out the best. The sheet attached below can do that. There are two dashboards here where the companies can be compared apple to apple.

Value_Compare_FMCG.xlsm (328.9 KB)

For sure I have gone through in details analyzers shared by other boarders (@vivekbothra @suru27 @pattu, safal niweshak) and I have tried to learn from them all (myself being a new kid on the block!)

My objective to share these sheets with you all is simply to learn from you all. Please have a look and share anything important I have missed out. Also, maybe, you can too use these sheets (ofcourse, if it makes sense to you).

I invite and request all VPs and top contributors to have a look at the sheets. @Hitesh @Donald @ayushmit @pratyushmittal.

My sincere thanks to all of you who created screener.in. It has made company analysis so much quick and fast (at least for me :-))



please insert “HOW TO USE” sheet in excel files…

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Ravi, as mentioned in the post, the first file needs the following to be updated -

And all you need is 5 min to update it -

  1. Update the ‘Quantitative’ tab with simple copy paste the entire ‘Data Sheet’ downloadable from screener.in
  2. Update the ‘Qualitative’ tab with shareholding information from company’s website

And then you have all the numbers, charts & metrics at ur disposal!

Happy to clarify further if you face any issue :slight_smile:

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Dear Pradip,
Good efforts from you. Excellent.
Mr. Pattu integrated his excel sheet with Screener and value research (I remember).
Is it possible to auto download from screener, if web site is logged into.
Once again thanks for sharing the excel (lent) sheet.

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ThANks for the words of encouragement Prasad :slight_smile:

On ur query, 1.U need to create ur account in screener. 2. Log in to ur account. 3.Serch any company. 4.On the top right side of ur computer screen u can see ‘Export to excel’ button. 5.Download the excel. Thats it!

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I have made a google drive folder which can be accessed on the following link.


Both these files are in the folder. I have also renamed the files to reflect the date on which they were created so that future members do not get waylaid with stale information.

All members may please use the same folder for creating new sheets for other sectors and companies so that everyone can access the data at one single location and benefit from each other’s efforts and expertise.


This is a public folder and anyone with a link may edit it. could someone please check its availability and edit-ability and confirm to me.

If this does not work out as desired, then i will add all members by their email IDs to enable collective editing.

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@pradip Excellent effort. Deserve lots of praise and appreciation. Would you like to add ROIC which is best of both world (ROA and ROE).

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Pradip - Excellent effort.
Thank you for sharing for the benefit of fellow investors.


One request though. I was trying to upload your excel sheet (for britannia) to https://www.screener.in/excel/ so that this would be the default from now on.

The uplaod goes through fine but when i try to download data now i get an error.

    Template Error!
    Do you wish to reset the customizations?
  The default Excel template was recently updated:
    v2.1: added operating profit in quarters

    v2.0: changed to the new excel implementation

Not overtly familiar with excel so if you can take a look, it would be great.

Thanks again.

@john_galt Thanks a ton for this John. As I tested, the g-drive is working fine. I simply deleted the Britannia file and reloaded it from my PC and it worked fine :slight_smile:

@atulgupta80 You have raised a valuable point.

For non-financial companies, RoE and RoCE will be equal if the company is debt-free. And since we should prefer the debt free companies, either of RoE or RoCE can be looked at. For e.g. for Britannia, both RoE and RoCE equal 44%. For debt heavy companies, RoCE will be a better metric to look at, but these companies should be tread with caution. As a rule of thumb, Warren Buffet suggest that if Total Debt/PAT >5, avoid such companies.

Regarding financial companies, RoA should be looked at instead of RoE and RoCE.

The ‘Analysis’ tab in the file computes each of RoE, RoA and RoCE.

@talkwithsrinivas Have no idea how to resolve this issue. May be we should get in touch with boarders who have designed screener.in

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@pradip Thanks Pradip for the hard work. The strength of sharing and collaborating working in full flow :). One point, SSGR can be a very important ratio in tracking sustainable and unsustainable growth and hence can be included. Any reason why you did not include?

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Thanks Boarders for sharing useful inputs , it would certainly be helpful for newbie like me and many others
Is there any thread where I can get to know more details on each financial parameters to understand more about sheet and use it in best way

@suru27 Thanks Saurabh. Agree that SSGR is a good proxy for estimating sustainable growth opportunity. Frankly speaking, I found its formula complicated and intimidating :slight_smile: In any case, the file calculates metrics like Cash Flow from financing activities/Cash flow from Operations, Debt/PAT, Equity Dilution, Historical sales growth, Historical profit growth etc and assigns weights to all of them to understand the business viability. I believe collectively these metrics take care of the sustainable growth aspect.

@nitinjain9282 Thanks Nitin :slight_smile: The following links would be good to start with I suggest -

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Attached is the updated Analyser.

@Yogesh_s - Yogesh I have tried to create something similar to what u have built. Please suggest what metrics I could add on it.

Deep_dive - 5_min.xlsx (185.7 KB)


Great Work!! Thanks a lot to Mr. Pradip for helping fellow investors…keep it up…GOD bless you…

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Thanks Pradip for the excel template. It is really good. Appreciate you sharing it

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Thanks Saji! The topmost post in this thread explains how to use the analyzer. Its a simple 5 min job using screener data. Let me know if I can help :slight_smile:

Hi Pradip,
can you please explain, i was just trying for KRBL, downloaded excel sheet from screener, copied the P&l lines and tried to paste it onto the Deep dive sheet,was not successful in getting what i wanted. Just would help if you could explain once again and what data is to be manually input

Thanks Pradip, got it,very useful

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