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Please do not share your phone no and/or email id on this public forum as it can be misused. One can directly send messages to the group admin or group member for request. All the city group forum threads would be closed. All those who have put their nos on these threads are requested to remove them for their own safety.

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I have deleted all posts with phone numbers… Henceforth, all posts with personally identifiable information will be deleted. So, request to all members NOT to post their email / phone nos. It is for their own privacy and net safety.

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Let me know if I can join next session, if you have seats available.


Hi members !! I am from kolkata too… How are you doing??

By the way, please help me with tjis, where can i find concall transcripts of companies like jindal saw, tata power, kridhan infra,kalyani steel,bls international, ajmera realty??

Please help…

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I think research byte should have it

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Congrats Abhishek Basumallick for featuring in ET .
You contributions are really very helpfull for the forum members.

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@basumallick congrats for the article! best of luck!


Anybody from kolkata knows dhunseri group particularly Dhunseri petro[DPL]?

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Can anyone let me know when is the next meet in Kolkata - would love to join, learn and share.

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9-Sep. Hotel Lindsay. 9:30am.