ValuePickr Kolkata

( s das) #67

Are u still holding page?

(Raj Agarwal) #68

Very much interested. Would love to see the event materialise soon.

(Amitayu) #69

No Sudipto , I sold out Page @ 15400 past year May 2015 after it reached stratospheric valuation (90 PE)…

( s das) #70

OK. Thanks. My latest holdings are Page, Gruh,Repco,Canhome, Ujjivan, Granules,Pi and 3M and some less conviction bets like Cambridge, kelltron, suven. Sold out Manappuram too early.

(MAHESaN1) #71

hi all,
have to go to Delhi for some urgent work, will try to come back by saturday if work is over, otherwise will miss the get together scheduled for sunday
mahesh (i think we can start a whatsapp group also)

(Raj Agarwal) #72

Well, I just realised that a get together has been planned for 21st Aug. Somehow I m not able to locate the venue from the above posts. Also some reference of Google sheet. Could not find that too. Could someone enlighten me please.

(Abhishek Basumallick) #73

Please send me your details as a personal message on VP.
**Please include the following details:-

  • Name
  • email
  • Mobile
  • Residence Location (to determine a location which is most convenient for the majority)**

(Abhishek Basumallick) #74

I would like to get your suggestions on the possible topics / agenda for Sunday’s meeting as well as subsequent meetings.

(Debjit) #75

hi Abhishek ,

i have messaged you my details and suggested agenda .
i am not sure where we can accommodate all of us . other people to suggest on it .
Also , there are people who willing to come from outside kolkata , so i would suggest make the timing somewhere around evening , lets say 4 - 5oclock evn’ning .
others can also suggest .

(Abhishek Basumallick) #76

We will meet at Smash Street Cafe - Near Salt Lake Swimming Pool on 21st August at 9:00 am. Thanks @ashwinidamani for organising the venue. Here is google map for direction:,88.417557,16z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s

We will have a buffet breakfast option as it will keep things simple. And we will all split the expenses evenly.

We have 36 participants for this meeting with more people getting added everyday. We may need to restrict the numbers from the next meeting onwards based on participation, interest, experience and contribution to the community.

(Debjit) #77

HI , I am Debjit Ghosh from kolkata . I completed B.E Engg from Jadavpur University . Working in IT MNC as a Solution Architect.
I entered in stock market in the year of 2014 . I know it was bit late starting from me as I started my carrier in the year 2008 .
Somehow it took time for me to get out of typical Bengali mentality of avoiding stock market . :- ) .
Anyway , I don’t think it’s too late as I know stock market will always give you Second chance .
Current holding are – Motherson sumi , Auro Pharma , Torrent Phama , Alembic Pharma , SpiceJet( reduces ),SKS microFin

(Who Cares?) #78

Hi Abhishek,

In terms of agenda, found this post in Valuepickr Delhi thread very useful.

On a personal note, right now I am reading/forming an approach on % equity allocation in portfolio based on whether markets are overvalued or undervalued. Right now as per NIFTY PE indicator, markets are just slightly below grossly overvalued. Given that I am grappling with following questions:

  1. How do I handle the additional cash flow available on a monthly basis for investments? It does not appear to be prudent to invest all of that at current valuations even if the identfied scrips are trading at reasonable valuations.

  2. If some portion has to be set aside for maintaining cash levels, what % is appropriate and how does that change with market valuation levels?

  3. If I am not investing in index stocks, does it really matter if market is overvalued? What is the degree of correlation of index with the kind of scrips that I typically invest in based on my investment philosphy? If the correlation is low should I even worry about all this % allocation of fresh inflows into equity?

  4. At some level its best to exit the market lock, stock and barrel. Think 2000, 2008. There were enough indicators and every time after such madness, the pendulum swings to the other extreme. How do I formulate a process around such indicators to take the bias out of decision making and save myself for serious drawdowns even though I may miss the euphoric last moment gains?

May be a good topic to discuss either in this meeting or the subsequent ones depending on what is prioritized. Would be interesting to share and hear views from others.

(sc01) #79


I spent some time to create a spreadsheet - now shared with @basumallick - and put together name/phone no/email/address details of everyone who has responded with the information in this thread. This doesn’t capture information that Abhishekda has, as most people sent direct messages to him.

I created the spreadsheet so that we know who is who (no pun intended). My intention is to templatize the structure of entire meetup and possibly if found useful, provide to folks who are arranging meetup in other parts of the country.

If everyone agrees, we can add investing experience/top picks in the spreadsheet as well.

I also propose a minute taker during the meeting, who will document the salient points during investing discussions. If all these look too formal, then we can discard an we can go as we meet.


(Ashwini Damani) #80

Can you please bring the printout for this spreadsheet. We have organised a Breakfast Buffet which will costs roughly Rs. 199+Service Charge & Taxes i.e. somwhere around 230-250.
Will take collection at the entry and we can see from then on


Hi I am Pradeep Jaiswal

I am Interested in Joining this meeting. I am a Chartered Accountant with 10 years professional experience and 4 years in Investing.


(kumar) #82

Can you share the list with us so as to know who are expected to attend?
There was some comment earlier that there were too many people wanting to attend so i would like to know if i am expected.
Also a contact phone number would be helpful for any queries.


(sc01) #83

If you have messaged @basumallick with name/number/residence/email, then he must have added you in the attendee list. Abhishekda already have a spreadsheet and so mine is not required. If you are not in the mail thread, then please message him with the requested details.

@ashwinidamani I will bring a print out of the spreadsheet.

(Rajarshi) #84

Hi all,
Firstly I am delighted that such an initiative has been taken by Abhishek da.

I have done my BE in 2006 and currently working as a Project Manager in an Indian IT Major in Bangalore.
I will be premanently relocating to Kolkata which is my native by this month end. None of my family members have any investing background.I started buying stocks in 2008 without any understanding and lost heavily. I paid a big price and it was by sheer good luck that I found valuepickr in 2013. Since then I have read some books and tried to built upon my knowledge.I seriously feel that selecting the right stocks and proper allocation could definitely lead to financial freedom .As a result I am glad that I will be able to interact with learned people and try to learn from them and also contribute as well.

The winners in my case have been Avanti feeds, Ajanta Pharma, Astral,Repco and Granules.Right now the stocks which I have invested in are Prima Plastics,Arman Financial,Satin,Shilpa Medicare and HDFC Bank.

I will not be able to participate in Sunday’s meeting as I will be in Bangalore. From the next month I will be a regular participant as i would have permanently relocated to Kolkata by then.


([email protected]) #85

This is Sk Imran Purkait from tarakeshwar, Hooghly. I did b-tech from heritage institute of technology from 2007 to 2011. In 2007 , I got interested in market seeing euphoric movements in stock price. Hoping to make quick bucks, unknowingly invested near the top of the rally. But after losing a significant amount in the start of 2008, I realised there is a process for investment. Slowly came to know about warren Buffett, Charlie munger, and other investment gurus including Indians. I read as much as I could about them and business ,investment books. After college , I joined my family business with intent of compounding wealth through passive investments.
I love to invest in business in niche, with little debt, scalable. Easy to say but very tough to find with value.
My top picks are yes bank, Dcb bank, Dewan housing finance, Aurobindo pharma.
Hope to meet Abhishek da and other valuepickrs in person and learn a lot. Love to listen than talk.


(Anindya) #86

Hi all,

I am an engineer and currently working in an IT MNC.No one in my family/relatives ever invested in stock markets.Started buying stocks in 20010 and paid heavy tution fees before finding Valuepickr and completely changing my thought process.

I try to invest in stocks that have a clear runaway for the next 2-3 years and does not have too many variables too track.Earlier I used to track past numbers however now I focus more on the future side and try to get a good grasp of the business by reading last 3-5 year annual reports and listening to conference calls.I also invest in special situations like merger/demerger , rights issue etc when opportunities present itself.

Current top holdings are

1)NCC 2)Repco+Canfin 3)Granules 4)CCL All these were bought atleast a year back and some are held for 3-4 years.

I am currently not in kolkata so have to miss this meeting, however hope to meet all of you soon.