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Can you upload the presentations made so that people from other cities can also benefit? Thanks.

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Tata Elxsi-VP presentation.PPTX (717.5 KB)
Recent meetup prezo on tata elexi by Nilabja and Vaibhav.We have one more presentation on Piramal by Butun and Satish P, but i am unable to upload it as the size it larger( even after converting to pdf from ppt) than what’s permitted on vp forum . Have copied it to dropbox, link website.

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Posting the Details /Location for April Meet up

(Chandragupta) #122

Thanks for sharing this.

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Hi, I have not been added to the watsapp group. I was there last time and gave my number and fee etc. I was supposed to talk about PVR but I guess we are already done on time and topics


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We are full house for this( april 23rd meetup ) event so not able to take any new registrations for this event.

(Kiran K) #126

Hi @satishwe, could you please add me to the group ? I will message my number. Thanks

(Satish Earthling) #127

Anyone willing to present for the next meetups , get in touch with me.
Also if you know someone who is willing to present , connect them to me.

(Harsha) #128

Hi @satishwe … when is the next meetup and in which location?

(shrivaibhav) #129

Meetup Agenda

(shrivaibhav) #132

Withdrawing the post as seats have been filled.

(Harsha) #133

How to register for this meet?

(ajaychauhan) #134

Can anyone please share the presentation or learnings from the meet on 28th, just for the learning purpose.

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My presentation on Technical analysis done today at investor meet…

Technical analysis_Basics_v2.pdf (1.2 MB)


When is the next meet planned and which place?

(Prasad India) #137

Hi @Sathishwe, @Parth, @suru27 Saurabh

See this.
Mr Donald has agreed to meet the valuepickers.
it may not be possible to organise a meet for all the members.
At least the Bengaluru group has an advantage in inviting Mr. Donald being the home town.
Can we plan to organise some meet any time??
It will be a good thanks giving to Mr. Donald for starting this site.
Let us invite top contributors and AYUSH & PRATYUSH also.
a bit difficult, never the less, more positive listening to all the big guns.
Unfortunately I don’t stay in city. But will make up for this.
Let’s do it.

Hi Guys,

Sorry for the late response. Busy in Durga Puja festivities.

Thanks a lot for your messages and god wishes for VP platform. Happened out
of the blue…sometimes milestones just come about, “happen” - on a sincere
investing journey. As we all know - most of us have shared, learnt and
grown only with fellow-investors at VP. Grateful to all at VP. This article
is a good testimony for what active quality collaboration can bring to the
table. If we can keep up the sharing/collaborating passion and quality -
anything is possible.

As for a (Annual) public VP Conference - I am not someone with the
passion/credentials for handling large events. And in current crop of
topcontributors there aren’t either. We have said many times. Anyone who
can take control of the logistics of organisation? - who knows there may be
1000-2000 folks who want to land up for a 3 day conference - we are all for
it. We will always support it and be there to share our learnings.

Will find that thread and request to revive it - starting with couple of
guys who had responded. Request @Prasad_India to revive that thread.


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Here is the Slides from our recent monthly meetup on Oct 22 2017.
Google vs Grandma by Chirag.pdf (832.6 KB)
VST stock review by Narendra .pdf (2.3 MB)
My Journey by Sunday part1.pdf (993.9 KB)
My Journey By Sundar Part2.pdf (2.7 MB)

(Chirag) #139

Here are the spreadsheets mentioned in my talk:

And here is my talk draft:

VPBlr.pdf (56.2 KB)

(sko5prasad) #140

Thanks Satish for sharing the presentation.

Would request other members to share their ppts.


Thanks a lot Chirag for sharing your thoughts, i just had a look at your site, would like to know if their is any walk though on youtube of your site… it looks interesting would like to understand tha basis of fundamental scores … it will be great if you can spare some time.