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(Sreekanthreddy9) #448

Is it possible to provide shareholding pattern for each quarter in screener?

Or else is there any other website to look for shareholding pattern?

(nitin_g) #449

Is there a way to get historical Price to sales ratio?

(Kumar Saurabh) #450

U can calculate.the template has historical price n revenue n no of outstanding share information available

(nitin_g) #451

Thanks @suru27 for replying.
That what i am doing right now, but i want to compare within SCREENER query for shortlisting my search instead of downloading template for every share.
Do you have any idea ?

(Changu Mangu) #452

You could download the excel file, add the calculation to show the result you want and upload your customized excel to screener. Then when you download you will get the calculations with each company.

(lanke_dan) #453

I have come across an error (?) in the data at

2017 Consolidated Profit and Loss Statement for TV18 Broadcast.

The following figures are taken from

Profit Before tax: -4.19
Tax: 25.10
Net Profit: 6.40.

Shouldn’t the Net Profit be -29.29?

The error can be explained as follows.

The figure -4.19 for Profit Before Tax does not take into account profit from joint ventures.
As per the FY17 Annual Report (page 194), Profit Before Tax including joint ventures is 31.51. Again, as per the FY17 Annual Report (page 194), the Tax is 25.11 (there is a rounding error in’s data).

Net Profit = (Profit Before Tax including joint ventures) - Tax
= 31.51 - 25.11
= 6.4.

FY17 Annual Report:

Do you agree that there is indeed an error in’s data?

(Peabody) #454

I had a screen for mkt cap listing above 1000 c. Suddenly it seems to have deleted most of the names except 53. It had almost 10 pages before. Can somebody help

(James Sebastian) #456

“Show only latest results?” tick must be ticked and this being result season, only ones with latest quarterly results might be showing up. Please remove the tick and see if you are getting more or less same number of results as earlier.

(MHS) #457


(Sreekanthreddy9) #458

Thank you @MHS …Got it

(vinamra chaware) #459

Excel Template for Screener Acrysil.xlsx (243.9 KB)

(nipunmohta) #460

The announcement are not getting updated since a week maybe. Please look into it.

(c.t.sreenath) #461

I am trying to create a screen with (7 year EBIT average) / EV. The current years EBIT and EV are available , how do I input the 7 year EBIT average?
Pls share your ideas.
Thanks in advance.

(nipunmohta) #462

You can use upto three periods of EBIT, being TTM, Last year and preceding year. You can create a formula for taking average of these three periods EBIT on and using that variable you can create one more formula for dividing this value by EV or do it in the same formula instead.

I don’t know how to take EBIT for the last 7 years though.

(avdhesh) #463

How to calculate Change in Working Capital from the Data sheet?

(kbc0812) #464

To search all company in particular sector for Example, for Pharmaceutical companies: Link:

is now not working ???

Please help or it is any mistack from myside.

(mak) #465

screener .in is not working properly today. see the dates and other image see promoter holding its 0 in birla money

@pratyushmittal and @ayushmit

(Jayatu) #467

Is it possible to run query on comparing latest quarter sales with sales three quarter back with some conditions like
Sales latest quarter >= 1.05* sales three quarter back or say
Latest 1st half yearly sales > 1st half yearly sales of last year…
Please suggest if at all it can be done in or any other screener

(Bheeshma Sanghani, PhD) #468

Yes its possible. Just type in quarter sales in the query box to see all the permutations in screener.

(Jayatu) #469

Yes got all the option …Thank you so much …