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(Changu Mangu) #428

The tick box for latest results only would be checked in latest true. You can untick it.

(nabilmoideen) #429

Remove the tick box which says “Show only latest results?” from the 2nd querry and all should be fine.

(Mukesh Tolani) #430

Congrats @ayushmit & @pratyushmittal for a dedicated article in Economic Times today on two young guns from Lucknow.

We all at Valurpickr are very proud of you & you continue to inspire us all.

Thank you once again from the investing community.

(Tolaha) #431

Saw that article on ET and was about to post the same.

The most shocking bit: Ayush and Pratyush are 33 and 29 years old respectively! :astonished:

Congratulations to you both! :slight_smile:

(Manish Vachhani) #432

Even at such tender age, the maturity & investment wisdom they possess is amazing!

(Akbar Khan) #433

Congratulations Ayush and Pratyush on the ET coverage. Great going.

(Chandra) #434

Congrats Ayush and Pratyush. Thanks again for which is very very helpful to investor analyzing Indian Stock. Wish you both more success.

(Praveen Singh) #435

Congratulations Ayush and Pratyush on the ET coverage.

(Debjit) #436

as this thread is related to screening ,
can anyone please reply on below thread if having any idea .

(Harish Assudani) #437

Congratulations Ayush Mittal and Pratyush Mittal for a great achievement. Thanks a lot for which is indeed a very great analysing site for investment in stocks. I appreciate your contribution to the investor fraternity. Wish you a great future.

(Sreekanthreddy9) #438

Congrats @ayushmit and Piyush.

I exported shilpa medicare details to Excel.

I coundn’t match borrowings and liabilities with your excel values and annual report values.

Kindly let me know how did u arrive borrowings and liabilities

(Adiga) #439

(Sreekanthreddy9) #440

Got it…Thank you very much for quick reply

(Harsha) #441

How to search for last 5 years book value in Thanks for the help

(saitks99) #442

Hi everyone - any of you know how to contact team…I am not able to find any email Id for support?

(Bheeshma Sanghani, PhD) #443

You could post on this thread and tag Pratyush Mittal.

(Harsha) #444

How to search for last 5 years book value in Thanks for the [email protected] Mittal

(Tushar) #445

Hello @pratyushmittal,

The homepage shows NLC India in analyze list however quarterly results are not shown. The results are available on MoneyControl. Is there any particular reason for them to be not available on screener?

(Bheeshma Sanghani, PhD) #446

Hi @tusharsp

You will have to click standalone if you want to see qtrly results

(Tushar) #447

Thank you Bheeshma. Solved my problem. I thought I had clicked on it but now confirmed that I did not.