Electric Cars/Bus :: Call it a Disruption?

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Goldstone infratech is already manufacturing with Chinese comp BYD collaboration :-

Goldstone Infratech Ltd has announced its move to assemble electric buses in partnership with BYD Company Ltd, based in China.

The Hyderabad-based company has bagged its maiden order for supply of six pure electric buses to the Brihanmumbai Electricity Supply and Transport Undertaking (BEST), Mumbai.

Goldstone plans to assemble these buses in India in tie-up with BYD Auto Industry Co Ltd of China, with the bus body to be fully built in India.

Also their website show 2 models k7 and k9


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This means Govt has made a complete reversal. This happens only in India! This guy said he will bulldoze if manufacturers don’t move to EV.

What this means is that oil and oil burners will dominate the Indian market if market forces don’t find a way for EV or fuel cell.

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This clearly shows that the push towards EV was not a thought through push. It did not get any support from the car makers and now government is on back foot. Though EV clearly is the way forward but it may take its own course and this is something government has understood.

Companies are struggling to meet the BS VI norms and along with that EV investments will be a challenge specially when EV batteries are not locally manufactured and no proper charging infrastructure is in place. so this is a big u turn from the minister earlier statement of bull dozing the policy.

China on the other hand is leading the EV waving in the world.

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I actually liked the Reversal from Govt. on this topic. Because - The demand of fuel would go down drastically if the countries like China and US take a leap towards EV. By that time, the cost of EV also be competative. And market force itself will ensure the penetration. Govt. can have both “Laddu” - ‘Cheaper fuel’ as well as ‘market force driven - EV push as it becomes competative’. If the need arises, Govt can always bring in the policy which suits best at a later point in time.

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Government decision this time looks more reasonable and makes more sense.
A technology will only create a disruption when it’s affordable as well as better.
So EVs are better but not affordable yet.
And government can see that it cannot run it on subsidies. After all car is a luxury in India and can’t be subsidised will not make any sense neither do we have budget for it. So let the EV disruption take it own course but the direction should be towards it. A disruption in low cost batteries and low cost small EVs can change the game.

Investment in Charing infra should be another area of concern. Long way to go on that front also.

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Happen to see one of the interview on EV, many people don’t know that almost 40% of EV cost is the battery and it’s replacement period is 5-7 years. Given this fact EV vehicle resale cost is almost nothing… In indian scenario this use and throw is not going to work where upfront investment in prohibitive… How many people personally would prefer to go for EV knowing these facts?

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Prashant here is a video on how well li ion batteries are lasting.

Start at 3.15

There is a company in San Francisco that has used a model S as a taxi service and driven it way beyond a normal owner would. The battery performance would surprise you even after 200k miles. Also there are talks of using the used batteries in grid storage for many years after their time in cars. So these will last a long time.

I doubt majority of people will need to replace their batteries every 5 years. Outliers will be there due to usage, charging quality, manufacturing quality etc.

This is just one study. I am sure if one is inclined they can find a lot more supporting evidence online.

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Great video! Thanks for sharing. Before watching this I was convinced the battery economics won’t make it feasible for EVs to work in India. Changed my mind :slight_smile:

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Ola EV pilot project in trouble due to lack of charging infra. Cost of batteries, range of EV and charging infra are major roadblocks

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May be silly, solar charging while you car is parked in office

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Solar charging is not silly at all… That is the trend in USA…

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Solar power for cars is not silly for sure. Solar power has to be one of the options as it can charge the car through most part of the day for free.

Also, till the charging infrastructure is widely and easily available, probably a hybrid charging model needs to be developed by the car manufacturers.

I guess, as the solar technology progresses over the next few decades, the body of car could be made of Photo voltaic material so that the cars will get self-charged while they are being driven around. So there will be no need to charge the cars ever again !!

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Interesting view - solar sensitive body for cars to self charge

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Many companies developed thin film solar panels which can be pasted on to surface



McKinsey says:

In summary, we may see an era of profitable mass-market EVs on the horizon, driven by design trends toward flexibility, integration, and simplification that maximizes customer value, and under the clear governance of cost efficiency for mass producibility.