Electric Cars/Bus :: Call it a Disruption?


However, it is very likely there would be a bear market in between before this story is fully played out. This should give us ample time to pick the right companies.

True. However, the more important question is - which companies to avoid :slight_smile:


It seems obvious to me, that companies which are primarily in the business of making internal combustion engines or parts for it would be the biggest losers. I expect large automakers like Maruti, Hyundai to be able to make the transition.

Having said that, I think mass EV market is still a long time away.

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I m thinking about which stock is going to fit in electric vehicle battery segment and components used in batteries like magnese oxide aluminium oxides compared to lithium / Cobalt they are much cheaper and due to this market for electric vehicle will become more cheaper than present vehicle due to this there will be explosive demand for ev .

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How about use of magnets for electric vehicles. electric vehicles need electric motors which in turn need magnets. Permenant Magnets India ltd can be a beneficiary. Mining companies which can mine magnetic minerals (rare earths) can also be explored. But since in india beach sand mining (good source of rare earth elements) is a closely regulated sector at present this may not offer any good companies. But the beach sands in the southern shore of India, ie kerala, TN, Andhra are the richest source of rare earths. At presently China is controling 95% of total Rare earth exploration. With a policy change from the Govt india can be a leader in this area

Discl. Holding permanent magnets India ltd from 40 range
Holding Cochin minerals and rutile at 140 range. (they could enter into rare earth mining once policy clarity comes)

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So that includes airlines also. I am yet to heard about Electric airplanes. low demand will lead to low prices for crude and can benefit airlines increasing the margins.

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I still see shift to Electric vehicles will be favored, given that cities like Delhi are choking from Pollution and Methanol will only marginally reduce the pollution. Since more research in now directed towards Graphene and fast charging, some company will achieve a breakthrough :slight_smile:


Commercialization of smart batteries might be the big game changer.

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This does make M&M the frontrunner. Considering the future boom in taxi vehicles segment, their presence in it from now onwards augurs well.

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Customs duty on lithium ion batteries has been raised to 20%.


Mahindra seems to be attaining a critical mass in EV in cab segment. This is their second win after their foray into Nagpur eCab initiative.

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But where is lithium in India…and where is the lithium cell technology in
India… We still need to import lithium which is already cornered by China

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What I see here is government’s focus on Make in India which will help local companies if they start manufacturing lithium ion batteries. Once there is demand, Indian battery manufacturers will find sourcing and technology for Lithium Ion batteries.

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During investor call with Maruti, it was said that Suzuki is looking to buy lithium mines outside India. The Toshiba Denso partnership helps them as those guys already have mining agreements.

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There is a news flashing on utvi that ashok lay land is going to launch e buses in india