Electric Cars/Bus :: Call it a Disruption?

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Check this link … BYD start supply of Dump Trucks in Shenzhen City which is biggest hub of Electronic manufacturing & R&D. Shenzhen is major City of Mainland China next to Hong Kong.

Trucks can run up to 280 KM with full Load powered by Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery.
City administration Targets reduction of carbon emission by 1.61 million ton, Sulphur dioxide 31,200 Ton & Nitrogen oxide by 9,100 Ton.

Battery Charging time 90 Minutes.


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This time is too high! This does not include the wait time for getting the charging slot. Commercial vehicle operators are not going to spend 1.5+ hours re-fueling their vehicle. This needs to come down heavily to make electric vehicles an attractive proposition for users. This post details how Ola’s electric cab launch in Nagpur is floundering due to high charging times.

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In Shenzhen you can found charging spot in every parking, Fuel station or even road side shops. Lacs of electric cars or Buses(almost all public transport buses are electric) running in Shenzhen. So finding charging spot is not difficult.

Secondly if you calculate permitted speed limit of dump truck is 70 Km/h . so that mean in single battery charge operator can run upto 4 hour. As per Chinese driving law driver need to take 20 Minute rest after every 4 Hour & single shift must not be longer than 9 hour.

so yes operator need to spend 1 hour extra for battery charging but Govt. want to save environment & construction co. need to follow Govt. orders in any case if they want to work in Shenzhen city.

In our country Govt. need to show same will as chinese Govt. showed 5-7 year back if they want electric driven vehicles on road.

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Battery swapping seems to be a solution suitable for India.

A 500-kg battery in the Circuit S bus can be replaced in 2.5 minutes

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Ola to launch 10,000 electric vehicles over 12 months

Did not find a page for M&M (Mahindra & Mahindra) in valuepickr. This could be a good inflection point for M&M, remember how Maruti Suzuki performed after Ola bought lot of cars from them?

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Ola’s EV pilot in Nagpur has not been a success. Primarily due to very high charging times. See this report. I am not sure if the new 10k vehicles will be charged with a different charging. If not they would be replicating problems instead of replicating solutions.

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Agreed, but the learning from the 1st project was the need for super chargers or faster battery swapping. The charging technology hasn’t changed much during the last 1 year. The major R&D players in this ecosystem are Tesla, Panasonic, Samsung etc. So what solution has Ola come up with for this problem? This is not mentioned in the article. It just says:

Ola said the EV programme in Nagpur provided significant insights into effectively managing vehicles, batteries, and operations and the company plans to continue its experimentation with ways to optimise batteries and charging “to develop a strong business model for EV deployment in the country”

For the sake of the environment and the Indian tech ecosystem, I sincerely hope that Ola has come up with an innovative solution for this problem. But having experienced their tech (ride booking app) and their previous track record of launching new initiatives (they shut their grocery and food ordering business 4-5 months after the launch. Just one example), I am extremely sceptical about this.

If the industry sees ‘big failures’, then this reduces the enthusiasm among the policy makers and manufacturers about switching from internal combustion engines to EVs. So it is important that big companies like Ola succeed at this. So it is important to build upon past failures and replicate success stories instead of replicating problems.

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I just found out a electric scooter startup Ather Energy
One can Pre-orders Ather S340 in June.
This scooter will have 2.2 kWh Li-ion battery pack and is IP67 certified (water resistant).
The company is claiming to have 60 km Range and will charge upto 80% in 1 hr.
If one google the model the price is around 1 Lac.

The company is also building charging grid called AtherGrid, website says they already have 17 charging points in Bengaluru.

Need to search for more information about other listed companies supplying components to this company.

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Hero motorcorp has a 200 cr investment in Ather.

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Slightly old article but emphasises the fact - Commodities would undergo transition due to EV cycle. Article predicts significant rise in copper demand during the EV upcycle.


However the below article points to massive demand increment for Graphite. Does GI and HEG has required products to serve the EV industry. I am curious if they ever mentioned about their ability to create products required for EV in their concalls?


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Tatas increasing charging stations in Mumbai

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the main issue delaying the EV transition in the lack of clarity on the policies from the Govt.

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Auto components major Bharat Forge Ltd today said it has picked up a strategic stake in UK-based Tevva Motors, a provider of electric powertrain solutions for commercial vehicles, for 10 million pounds (Rs 90.30 crore).

By virtue of this investment, Bharat Forge has also acquired a license for commercialisation of the Tevva technology within India and for strengthening its research and development activities in the e-mobility space, the company said in a regulatory filing.

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Hi, Himadri speciality chemicals are looking to venture into advanced carbon which can be utilised as anode for Li-ion batteries


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They are already present in that segment. How far they will be able to grow is a question that only the future will answer.

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Eelctric cars or not…there will be lots of cars…should we but car insurance companies as proxy? :slight_smile:
Also, with Electric cars…logistics cost will decrease a lot which will hugely benefit companies dependent on logistics and distribution - FMCG, Consumer durables

I know I may sound strange but I though a lot however could not find find any serious direct benefit er of electric cars disruption over long term…be it battery or cars makers or auto makers or technology makers…graphite electrode players I think have run up because of some china import policy issues more rather than electric vehicle disruptions etc. I maybe wrong…

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To my mind, Copper and Aluminium would be big beneficiaries of EV disruption. EVs may lead to long term(5-10 yrs.) trend of stable to high prices for these metals. Another potential idea can be - Advanced carbon material manufacturer used in EV batteries. Himadri is has a very small presence in that space, depending on how they execute on their planned expansion for advanced carbon material and demands generating thereof - It can be a potential proxy.

My views might be biased. I do have holdings in Hind Copper, Nalco and Himadri

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Look at the mega surprise here. India need to think away from Lithium.

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Batteries Are a Fad of the Decade: Dow Exec

Resource Crunch As Bolivia’s lithium mining dries up, electric cars will become unsustainable, says AN Sreeram


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