Electric Cars/Bus :: Call it a Disruption?

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But the challenge for us as market investors is - no one is making money.
for a while it looked like solar epc cos such as Ujaas will benefit, bet
very soon the growth tapered due to the auction prices of solar hitting new
lows and everyones profits got squeezed…Any thoughts friend son the
likely beneficiaries ??

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Are we discussing on EV or

We are diverting to crude and solar.

Pls keep it for EV

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I think Copper and Nickel story both can be played through Hindustan Copper

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Suzuki’s electric vehicle tie-ups aim to aid Maruti, without the risks.

Also Morgan Stanley has raised its target to 10563.


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@vinu1707, Vineet, Aluflouride sounds like a new and interesting story. But I fail to understand its applications, market potential and customers. The stock has run up a lot in last one year. Have you done any working on this company? Would love to know.

Dear Advait

Here is a moneycontrol article about Aluflouride Ltd and its operation. It is in niche segment and utilizes waste to produce Aluminium. Looks to be good potential. Very good fundamentals and debt free company. Expansion is on plan.

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Can anybody tell me importance of magnet in electric vehicle motors and it application in electric cars went through many website saying electric vehicle will need more magnet than present vehicle what we are using thanks awaiting reply


All electric motors need magnet. Refer to electromagnetism basics.

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That’s why copper demand is more for electromagnetism in electric cars

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Royalty will milk the value for the life of the company! Nothing is free or riskless.

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i also feel so. Maruti is not a company in distress which needs rescue from Suzuki.
The only logic of bringing Suzuki in India which makes sense to me is to share / divert some part of opportunity / revenue to the parent company.

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An interesting article here. I believe if India incentivizes EV Battery production, it could be a much needed boost to Make in India scheme.

Moreover i feel government will push electric two wheelers first, logically the price difference between electric two wheeler and current two wheelers would be less, when comparing with cars

So I am looking for Electric battery manufacturers in two wheeler segment.

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I have a different view.
More than individuals, company’s which operate fleets will see the TCO low
in EVs due to long distances covered everyday. So, IMV, fleet owners such
as Ola and Uber could embrace EVs sooner. In 2 wheelers, it is individuals
driving for their personal use. With not so dustance to cover on a daily
basis, their TCO will still be higher. So, it could be cars for fleets and
three wheeler for fleets could be happening first.

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SIAM is making an alternate proposal to GoI. The all electric sales is
pushed for 2047 and 60% of electric+hybrids sales by 2030. And 100% public
transport to be electric by 2030.:sunglasses::innocent::grin:

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Electric vehicle will bring lot of opportunities in auto ancillary stock we should focus on stocks that are going to benefit immensely . Even components used in battery will be growing just want to make max out of it idea invited

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For fleet owners won’t the higher initial expense be an issue?

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Yes… But the fleet owners will look at profitability at the end of the
year…so a higher initial payment does not matter… What matters is total
cost of ownership on an annual basis…


Shift from ICE to EV would be one of the biggest value migration stories of the 21st century and it will be played out over next 10-15 years at least.

I’m sure there will be some exiting and many new players who will make the most out of it. There will be tons of money to be made out by investors in these company. At the same time, there would be big losses in many other companies.

However, it is very likely there would be a bear market in between before this story is fully played out. This should give us ample time to pick the right companies.