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where can i get the latest concall transcript?

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Can someone through light on the 840 cr debt and its repayment structure?
Consolidated Debt: equity is 1.07 times. The only worry is that if phenol prices don’t support the volumes, debt and interest burden will have huge impact.

(sathish kumar jalantran) #106

Hi Devang,
This 840cr repayment going to be bullet payment start from 2020 onwards. Till that time I hope only interest outgo only be there. So till that time they can get good cash flow to start repay after 2020,and as per mgmt they need only another 200cr for CapEx if they do derivatives of phenol that too after I hope 2020 only.

Sathis h

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What about the prices of Acetone and phenol, though the prices are rising but I am not able to factor out Saudi arabia expansion and what if the shell starts producing again?

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According to a latest market study report, China and SEA & the rest of APAC are dominating regions in the sodium nitrate market, due to growing population and increasing demand for sodium nitrate applications across a diverse range of industries. North America and Europe are the next most important regional markets for sodium nitrate and Germany, France and the U.K. are key countries in the European region. The sodium nitrate market in Asia is expected to be the most promising market for players during the forecast period, owing to various factors such as developing healthcare facilities, growing chemicals, plastic & rubber and paint & coating industries and the increasing use of sodium nitrate in pharmaceutical & healthcare industries.

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India itself is a big consumer of phenol and don’t forget that we have no manufacturers in India and this will be one of the biggest phenol plants.
We already have anti dumping in place and the company had started seeding the market before the factory was about to start.
Yes there is always a risk in cyclical markets regarding the demand and supply side but this may not be true for phenol as the demand is also growing for it worldwide.

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The only concern is the delay in production commencement. The production was supposed to commence in Q1FY19.

(sathish kumar jalantran) #111

Hi Mahesh,
As per below article plant already started its operations at 16th August.


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Oh! Thank you. Good to know that.