Contrarian investing using technical analysis

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JP GROUP seems to be going for a revival…JP Associates already appears in a Leading diagonal, however, posting below the chart of one of it’s group co. JP Power, which seems to have been done with the correction of 2nd as well…

(PE_Ratio) #86

This is not valid Elliott Wave count. Wave 4 can’t enter the territory of Wave 1.

(Ameetmehtadesign) #87

Haha! Dear PE_Ratio!, It can in the case of Diagonals, which seems to be the case here (Leading Diagonal).

(PE_Ratio) #88

Yeah, you are right. It’s leading diagonal formed in wave (1). Sorry I didn’t consider it as a diagonal since to me it looked like a channel at first with no convergence.

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Anybody willing to call a bottom on lupin.


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Hello Mehnazfatima,

What trends do you see for Lupin and Tata Motors, both stocks have been beaten to death due to various reasons and looks like a bargain to me from long term (5+ years) perspective. Does technical chart suggest another decline for Telco till 280 and for Lupin till 650 ??

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Could you please help that how one can determine and measure the pole height ?

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Technical views on Piramental Enterprise. Is correction over ?

(divyansh ) #94

According to me , it looks really weak on the charts. Has been underperforming the nifty. Nifty is at a monthly high and piramal at a monthly low. Since there are no new drivers for the market to go up , if the range of 10000 to 11000 continues for the index… any meaningful correction for index might lead to new 52 week low for piramal. The only saving grace/element would be good quarterly results which might change the downtrend or support the valuations