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(Akshay Kumar) #892
(shikhar mundra) #893

good to see company back on track after a disastrous q3fy19.

Africa branded business has degrown , from 109 cr in q4 fy18 to 75 cr in q4 fy19 ( degrowth of 31 %)
Africa instituion business has de grown 26 % yoy , from 63 cr to 46 cr yoy
Asia business showing slight growth of 9 % yoy , from 132 cr to 143 cr.
USA business has done well, shown a massive growth of 79 % yoy , from 42 cr to 76 cr .
Indian business has done decent growing 8 % yoy from 148cr to 159 cr.

overall flattish results , great performance in USA , decent performances from Asia, India , helped to mitigate the bad performance from Africa.

(Ayush Mittal) #894

Isn’t it concerning that their Africa branded business has degrown so much?

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(Mukesh Tolani) #895

Yes Ayush, even I think so.

The continuous de-growth in Africa Institution was on expected lines., due to competition in anti-malarial drug contracts.
Institution has shown a massive de-growth of 49% on annual basis.

But Africa branded de-growth comes as a negative surprise.

Also, it would have been much better, if the company would have also shared profits earned from different regions, along with the revenue figures.
It would have given us an indication about how profitable their US venture has been until now.

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(vivek bothra) #896

The reply from management also doesn’t give any details

The decline was in line with guidance and our MDs comment in third quarter press release. Now the things have normalized and from here onwards u will see mid to high single digit growth from the region.

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