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ValuePickr Research and Forum was launched in 2010 with our byline “Separating the Wheat from the Chaff”.

##Separating the Wheat from the Chaff
That has always been the driving force behind what we do. We knew that out of ~6000 listed stocks, ~3000 only were actively traded. Of them probably 2000 stocks were not even worth looking at. Of the balance 1000 if we left out the large caps, there are probably some 500 small and mid-size businesses we thought that could be worth researching/analysing.

Thus started the ValuePickr journey - where we decided to do in-depth work on small businesses that stood out, dominated some niche of their own. We also decided to share freely whatever we learnt - about the businesses, and about the investment-worthy dissection/analysis process. We thought the more we share, the more value we will add to ourselves and the community, the more we will attract like-minded folks in a shared investment journey.

Like most beginners we had our our beginners luck going, we started in bear market conditions. We could and regularly found a few good to great businesses at cheap valuations. 30% grower, with 30% Return, available 5-6x was not uncommon :smile:

##Why would ValuePickr stand out from the rest?

Luckily, we spent enough time thinking about what will make us succeed - what we should be doing differently.

A. We took our “Unique Collaborative Research” experiment in Indian markets very seriously.
We welcomed everyone - from novices to beginner investors, to senior practitioners and veterans, and industry domain professionals. Individual amateur investors, to professional analysts & fund managers. To share freely, learn and grow together - adding value to ourselves, and our Community. Together we focused on building holistic frameworks for Stock Analysis & Stock Valuation, and applying these honestly with due rigour and process.

B. We decided we would learn better/faster if we held ourselves Accountable
We decided to keep official records of what (in our collective wisdom then) we thought made great investment sense - set the bar higher, in a way. We decided to stick our necks out, and so started the VP Public Portfolio. Since this was a Public Portfolio, we had to be responsible. Margin of Safety principle was inviolable.

  1. First margin of safety would be in the “Price” (bear market backed us)
  2. Second margin of safety we knew would lie in deeper understanding of the business itself

Just as we started getting noticed with well-performing stock picks, we were quickly nudged next to take Capital Allocation seriously. As we learnt from our active practical experience with diverse businesses and managements, we tried to put all our incremental learnings together - show how they all come together - for dissecting investment-worthiness in our much acclaimed ART of Valuation Insights. This year, as we were completing 5 years, we looked back at our selections, and tried to abstract & capture the core learnings or patterns through our Business Quality and Management Quality Insights.

By 2015 as we speak, 5 years down the line, we are happy to be where ValuePickr is today - Thank you for making the community somewhat of a destination for small and medium size listed business investments in India - for ideas, data-points, objective dissection and analysis. For learning, sharing and growing together in a shared investment journey. We have a long way to go, huge runway to cover - Incremental value-adds & refinements, always - defines the VP Mantra.

##Celebrating 5 years of our shared Investment Journey
Delighted to present our quality membership the all new ValuePickr Investing Forum
That provides advanced functionality to help encourage, empower, and incentivise that spirit of active collaboration that is truly the hallmark of ValuePickr community, today!

If you are new to Indian markets and looking for high-quality, in-depth discussions/dissections on specific business (especially small & mid-size businesses), Industry or Sectoral opportunities - ValuePickr Investing Forum and ValuePickr Research may just be your one-stop destination!

We have strived to capture back every aspect of our journey and incremental learning of the last 5 years, to the best of our ability. Whether you are a novice, beginner or veteran investor, professional analyst or fund manager - we have something for you that might add value. New Visitors may like to start by exploring the wealth of Investing Acumen at ValuePickr - as linked above. And don’t forget to check out our Stock Stories - short fact sheets on businesses we like and our Management Q&A - richly detailed interviews with Top Management - their journey, their challenges & opportunities, their competitive advantage and its sustainability - of businesses we worked extensively on. New Learners and Beginner Investors may like to start with our Investing Basics & Stock Market Basics sections.

##Let’s start on the next 5 years with renewed energy and vigour
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Hi Donald,

Hats off to you for such a wonderful compilation of the journey of valuepickr over last 5 years!

For any person new to Valuepickr - going through the above links and threads should be the best way to educate himself and learn a lot. Even for old participants like me, going through the above threads again was a great learning process again :smiley:

We look forward to participation towards collaborative research from new users.

Thanks & Regards,


Hello Donal & Ayush,

I am thrilled with this new platform! It took me a couple of days to realize how awesome it is. I am sure the new platform will drive the collaborate research experiment to new heights.

And yes I have congratulated our heroes on the thread and am very thankful to them.


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First I would like to congratulate you guys for the tremendous hardwork to build a forum of this quality… Thanks from all new leaners… I also would like to know if there is an easy way to report any issues/bugs related to website… I assume it is everyones responsibility to make sure we bring out the best of this website…

Friends, Wonderful job on the new platform. You deserve a big thumbs up on a fabulously well done job.

I have one suggestion to make. When we click on a thread, the top of thread shows the oldest post of the thread, and we have to scroll down to bottom to read the latest post. Sometimes the scrolling down takes time, depending on “how long” the thread is.

So the suggestion is, how about inverting the sequence of posts in a thread ? i.e., the latest update appears on top of page, and the oldest at bottom.

This way, user get the latest update first (which is what most of us intend to read most of time) and the server is less loaded due to less incidence of scrolling down and content loading ? We save on some bandwidth too :smile:

Initially it may appear a bit in-coherent to users, but we will get the hang of it with time.
If this needs any explaining, am just phone call away. Message me.



Hi Raj,

The forum software automatically takes you to the new messages when you click on an old thread. Hence its not that you have to really scroll down all the time. Perhaps the problem you are facing would be in initial period of usuage…as you will use more, the experience will get better :slight_smile:


Ah !! Fantastic :slight_smile: Thanks Ayush.

Mr Ayush /Mr Donald
I am regularly following this forum for the last one year. I have relatively less time available to get involved completely and contribute significantly in this forum. I have observed that you seniors are doing great job. This help and benefits each of the person involved. I thank you all friends for this job.
Reason for writing this is that today I wanted to browse the topic “increase your trust circle” but could not access it as the access is not granted for the topic. I was just thinking as what is expected from me so that I become part of the group and increase my trust circle. Please do reply.
Rajendra Badoni

Hi Admin,

I have a suggestion.

While going through old postings on any thread, it is difficult to figure out the price point at that point in time.

My suggestion is that every post should end with the mcap of the company at the time of posting. That will bring a lot more clarity on a historical basis


Hello Admin

I wish to change my email id. I tried in profile but i think i am not able to change my email address. Is there anyway i can change my email id.


Manish Shah

A lot of new investors who have joined recently are cluttering the stock forums. Also, we need to provide a particular framework in order to start a new stock thread. In short, a lot of noise related to stock prices and small caps has come to valuePickr. The quality of valuePickr discussions is lacking. All the group members should strive to make valuepickr the best forum to exchange learnings. I may be wrong but this thing I have observed.

Hey all,

thanks admin for logging me in.

I have updated my profile.


That is a great suggestion. Does this forum support some template thread which can be cloned to start a new stock thread?

Thanks to Valuepickr Team for creating brilliant learning platform. May the force be with you.

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For Admin:
Please I don’t know under what section to report this mischief. I was going through stock basics and it appears that someone is trashing your blog.
Its written in big letters:
“Like free stuff? Go to Win prizes, giveaways Sweepstakes & more”

Please take corrective action

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sir, i have posted some thing in omkar chemicals today. but, i dont want to post on the omkar. but i dont know how to delet. so pardon me i requeat the modeator to delet all the posted in omkar thread today.
i promise that i will be conscious about posting in future.
paturi. bapaiah choudary

dear aministrator
i have posted in valuepickr/ forum/ Omar chemicals and specialties ltd… i
want touched in basics. so i think somebody is trashing our blog. so i want
to change the password immediately.
anyhow bear with us for the mishap occurred

Good Afternoon,

I saw my first notification i.e.about a Forbes article which ft.Mr.Donald Francis & Mr.Ayush Mittal, Congrats guys! It’s a proud moment for us.

My name is Amit, a independent research student and a nanotech r&d pro,although i don’t have any Eco./Finance education/background but i am having passion for investment management,applied behavioral finance & analytics.

I have a query for practical reason & i assume,answer to that’d be highly beneficial to all such guys who are financially challenged today but having a vision of seeing a financially better tomorrow by investing.

we find the internet is loaded with all kind of great write ups,tools relating to Value Investing,Micro cap Investing & Dividend Investing…Can a lower middle class person with limited monthly salary (with only 8-10% upside in income annually,sum times even 0% too) and limited resources,ever dream of step in with tiny step to be a investment entrepreneur with his/her little savings which s/he also want to protect and grow to have a regular income & robust financial future ? Pl.Guide.

Feel free to say no/any diplomatic reply,i understand the ‘limitations’.


True Leaders don’t create followers…they create more Leaders - A Wise Man

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Thank you for logging me in.


Hi Admin,

Thank you for the login information. This is an excellent forum - the way it is structured.