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It is not about solar or wind or hydro… it is about the entire renewable chain with forward and backward integration…

Renewables power is mainly Solar, wind and hydro power. Then to produce solar / wind / hydro , you need photo voltaic cells,/ wind turbines / hydro turbines and then to produce these you need further certain items… And so on… This is backward integration.

Then forward integration is once you produce such renewable power, how you utilise it. If you directly distribute the power , then there would be grid stability issue since these so called renewables are not available 24x7 …there are seasonal issues winter, summer and rain …which can affect renewable power production.
So a part of the power so produced can be directly distributed through the Grid when there is abundant supply of Sunlight wind Rain and the surplus power can be used to produce Green hydrogen by electrolysis of water, and the green hydrogen so produced can either (1) be stored and transported to needy manufacturing plants such as Fertiliser, petroleum refining as raw material or (2) can be used to produce power with the help of Electrolyser (Electrolyser itself is a big business) as and when needed during off season when sunlight / wind / hydro not available (3) Green hydrogen can also be used as a fuel for Automobiles which is the ultimate Target for automobiles with an aim to do away with Battery driven vehicles.

Reliance and Adani are working towards the entire value chain for green hydrogen with both backward and forward integration in mind where as Tata power leader in solar power till now was indecisive , wants to enter in to the entire value chain of renewables which may include Electrolyser, Green hydrogen, though they are already in power distribution business.
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A detailed interview with Mr Praveer Sinha - MD & CEO of Tata Power.

He talks about addition of 2-5 GW renewable capacity every year and capital investment of Rs75000 crore in Solar, Wind , Hydro and Battery storage solution…Here Battery storage solution does not mean Automotive battery. He perhaps refered to the inconsistent production of Renewables energy due to non-availability of Sun light , Wind, Rain throughout the year which are basically of Seasonal nature.
So, here comes battery storage solutions…when there is plenty of Sunlight , wind & Rain in peak seasons , more Renewable energy can be produced and such excess renewable energy can be used to produce Green hydrogen which can be stored and during lean seasons, Green hydrogen can be used to produce electricity with the help of Electrolyser and feed to the Grid.

Then a lot of discussion on Coal availability issues for the existing thermal power plants

Finally, very intersting discussion on Debt of Tata Power … he says Debt is not bad as long as you can service it through cash flow and though they have definite plans to reduce debt and that they would stick to debt equity ratio as specified by Govt for infra companies!


PM-Modi-launches-revamped-power-distribution-sector-scheme, with an outlay of more than Rs 3 lakh crore for a period of five years till the 2025-26 fiscal year.

Sounds interesting !

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Tata power and Tata motors tie up for huge benefits Tata Motors signs PPA with Tata Power to develop onsite solar project | Business Standard News

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Tata Power Company Limited’s wholly owned subsidiary TP Renewable Microgrid Limited (TPRMG), and Small Industries Development Bank of India (SIDBI) collaborate to launch an innovative program that will see 1,000 green energy enterprises ( MSME’s) established throughout the nation.


Why Tata power is chosen over Adani power is detailed in this article. Must read Adani Power vs Tata Power: Which should you pick for long-term investment?

Tata power Growth plans https://bullstrade.in/tata -power-energizes -its -growth -plan/

Tata power holds ~ approx 49% in NELCO

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Business monopoly of Tata Power - must watch


Chandra mentioned clearly they have clearly helped Tata Power to create EV charing stations in cities where Tata motors are expanding their presence into.


Latest interview with CEO- Tata powers


Electricity generation is the amount of electricity a generator produces during a specific period of time . For example, a generator with 1 megawatt (MW) capacity that operates at that capacity consistently for one hour will produce 1 megawatthour (MWh) of electricity.

These days everybody and his uncle is in renewable energy. From NTPC, to SJVN, every PSU whether its original mandate was thermal or hydro, is into renewable.

Renewable energy generally means solar, till hydrogen comes in a big way, as wind energy has rather floundered in this country.

So, though we may be power deficit, isn’t the solar market getting rather crowded?

According to technavio https://www.technavio.com/report/solar-power-market-industry-in-india-analysis,
this is the shape of the solar energy market in the near future:
As per this site, “The solar power market share in India is expected to increase by USD 240.42 billion from 2021 to 2026, at a CAGR of 35.24%.”

Unfortunately, Tata Power share seems to be hibernating.

The views expressed by technevio however assure us that patience may pay, and pay well.



So, this gives a different message too. Coal India is a good buy. :smiley:

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