Tata Motors - DVR

Here is the answer.


β€œA” Ordinary shares are nothing bus DVR


So DVR holders are eligible in 10% reserved category.


I got the email as well from Tata Motors. But it’s not clear whether if I don’t bid, will I get free shares of Tata Technologies. If yes, then what will be the no of shares or ratio in which they will allot the shares.

At the outset, it appears to me that you get only if you bid. In bid, there is reservation and it can get in to lottery there too if bidding is more than 1x. Since 2 L ceiling is there, I think retail investors may get allotment. I did not do any calculation to check if that is reasonable or not. If some one does a calculation, please share it here.

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My broker confirmed that I will have to do bidding under shareholder category for the allotment. No bonus or free shares.

It is analytical with contrarian views from Rahul shah of equitymaster.com . interesting read

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Nice article! I invested in TATA Motors DVR when TATA motors main shares were facing troubles and there was a wide gap between main and DVR shares. Bought at 86 and within 4-5 years, it has grown 5.5x.