StageInvesting +Elliot Waves

Do you have any other channel or place where the long term or short term outlook as per the technical outlook and wave theory? DJI seems at an important 200WMA. Learned members outlook will be very helpful.

there was no one volunteering to venture out here and I am sure that this forum is awash with deep tech expertise…come on…the bottom seems to have caved in Dow/Nasdaq and yes…nifty has shown strong divergence but for how long? In the absence of @Stageinvesting, can others with this expertise step in please?

Hi@stageinvesting …used to enjoy your posts a lot in a silent mode. They were so insightful and different from everyone else. Don’t know why you have stopped writing, hope everything is good at your end.

I am an old man, having 25 years of investing experience. These days don’t write or trade much due to health-related issues.

I GOT the following article on a WhatsApp group …it was on the same website that you used to refer to in the past. I found it interesting and learned a few new things. Thought of putting it in your thread as it is in line with your market views that you wrote 2-3 months back, will request your views on the same. Hope they are still the same as the market seems to be playing in that direction.