Sector reports for Reference

As an intermediate value investor/learner, I have read most of the 1st level books suggested at ValuePickr like:

  1. Overall Market: One Up on Wall Street, Common Stocks and Uncommon Profits, Intelligent Investor, The Five Rules of Successful Stock Investing, Some Berkshire Hathaway Annual Letters to Shareholders, What has worked in investing,
  2. Special Situations: You can be a stock market genius.

Currently reading Hot Commodities by Jim Rogers

I have also set myself a target of reading a few annual reports a month.

I wanted to get to the next level in a breadth first manner: To know most sectors and what they are about broadly so that I can determine where to fish at most times (Bull/Bear/Horizontal markets)

Please can seniors suggest best ways to get sector reports in India ? Whether paid or free sources are better? We can also keep this thread as an archive for sector reports for easy reference. This would really help intermediate learners like me on the forum to know a bit more about Sugar/Fertilizers/Chemicals/Cement/Banks/Oil/ etc

P.S: Alternate views to this line of thinking/learning are also welcome. One alternate way I have come across is to pick a few annual reports in the sector and go through each one and make your own notes.



Starting to post a few that exist:

Credit Ratings Agencies

Most will agree Yogesh’s analysis is better than paid sectors reports:

Banks: Indian Banking Industry - PSU and Private
NBFC’s: Indian Microfinance Sector and the companies in the sector
HFCs:Canfin homes ltd

hotel-industry-the-capital-cycle1.pdf (731.2 KB)

I had saved this from a different post. I hope the person doesn’t mind me sharing a sectoral report on hotels.

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Are you paid subscriber of Alpha Invesco? Is it good advisory firm?

No I am not a subscriber, just happened to find 2 reports: Cement and Steel, both happened to be alpha invesco ones. I just intend to aggregate the sector reports here

The invetopedia handbook helps to understand few industries

So does the Pat Dorsey book

For inner workings of insurance industry, best to refer to Berkshire Hathaway Letters to Shareholders, The Oracle explains it best. The 1997 or 1998 letters explain it well in my opinion

The cement sector report