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@kowshick_kk @ayushmit @pratyushmittal and /or team screener please visit this thread weekly once atleast. Thank you, for the Screener though.

We do not currently have an iOS app but an Android app. Here is the link:

In the case of an iOS device, you can access our website from the web browser of your choice.
You can also add our website to your Home Screen on iPhone for quicker access.

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Hey, Kindly drop a mail to Our team will have a look at your issue and guide you

Hey, Thanks for your suggestion. We do have graphs for a few fundamental parameters like PE ratio, ev/ebitda, and others as shown in the below screenshot.

Could you let us know what other data that you wish to view in the Graphical Format?

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You may consider for quaters, P&L, Cashflow etc. Said so it can be applicable to any field.
For example visit, they have good graphical presentation.

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how can I add an column for 5 year median EV/EBITDA and 5 year median market cap to sale?
Basically I want the data that is available in the graph in the column.

Hi Kowshick,

Can you add the detailed balance sheet figures in the “Data sheet” tab of default excel file? This detailed information is only available on the site (as shown below) but is not available in the “Data sheet” tab of excel. The same request goes for the cash flow statement.

Hi @shunz,

The Excel sheet was made years ago and doesn’t contain the line items we have recently added to the website. Our team is working on developing the next version of excel where we are trying to provide 15 years of Historical data and other meaningful line items.


Hi (@kowshick_kk ) : Could you ask the team to start showing 900 DMA as well like 200 DMA & 50 DMA on the chart?
Rationale: Each of them helps to judge the optimism level for different horizons - 50 DMA for the short term, 200 DMA (40WeeksMA) for the medium term, and 900 DMA (40MonthsMA) for the long term.

Hi Sir, Currently we don’t have such plans at the moment. We are planning to add 20 DMA data as a ratio in the coming days.

We don’t want to add too much data on the chart as it would disturb our UI. However, I have also made a note of your requirement and will share it with our team for consideration.

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Hello Screener team, i have a question about the peg ratio?. How do you calculate the peg ratio? For growth nos, do you consider past records or projected growth no given by mgmt

Hey, The formula that we use to calculate the PEG ratio is PAT/Profit growth 5 years. We take the historical PAT growth for the above calculation

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Why Autoriders International Ltd is not appearing in the list when simply screening for only one parameter:
Market Capitalization >=0

Market Capitalization >=0 , should list all listed companies…Why it’s missing in the list?

Thank you for the response. Usually for peg ratio, its p/e ratio divided by growth. Any reason why this change. Also how do you get the growth projections for next 5 yrs ?

@Worldlywiseinvestors sir, do you have any thoughts on this?


Hi, We exclude companies that haven’t traded for the last 20 continuous Trading Sessions. In the case of Auto Riders International, the company was last traded on 03 Oct 2023. The company will get included in the screen results, even if a single transaction is made.


Hi, There are two methods for Calculating the PEG ratio.

1) Trailing PEG Ratio - In this method, we can take the historical Profit growth data
2) Forward PEG Ratio - In this method, we take the Future Profit growth data

In the screener, we calculate the PEG ratio based on the Trailing Growth Rate. We take the historical Profit growth 5 years and we don’t measure the Forward Profit growth rate

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My earlier suggestions are not being implemented, when should I expect the same?
Mainly GUI update as that of Finology one, stock edge or trendlyne.

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Hi Sir, We are managing the website with a limited team. Our team is already working on several new features like Adding Whatspp updates for Corporate Announcements, Adding new ratios like Median Book Value, Price change, and several other features.

I will share your suggestions with our team and we will try to implement it when it meets our timeline. However, we assure you that we are working our best to provide more value to our user community.


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