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How to download it. Please elaborate.

Hi, @saumil25 Thanks for your suggestion.

Why our team is conservative on adding new ratios?

Every new ratio added reduces the response time of our system. Thus, we are conservative on adding new ratios.

However, we have made a note of your requirement and will share the same with our team for consideration.

Request if we can add any identifier for companies… like whether it is listed on mainboard or sme company. Would help investors like me to not analyse the company in detail if not interested in sme.

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Please do post an update on what the team has to say. It will not take more than 2 mins to add these as the framework is already established!
Appreciate the response :slight_smile:

Hi! Is it possible to apply parameters on stocks of a particular index? e.g. Nifty 500 or BSE A stocks?

Is there any place where i can get the price of Xanthine?

Got this from screener but it’s mixture of multiple chemicals/API

I need only prices of Xanthine alone.

need help here!

How to get this type of detail chart?

Available for premium members by annual payment

Hi Siddharth, We have recently started providing Index related on the website: Added Index Data - Screener

We also allow our premium users to download the data and filter them on Excel. However, we can’t create a customized screen for any particular index at the moment.


Hi Nikhil, We provide the Trade (Import/Export) data of more than 6000+ products on this page: Login - Screener

However, the above is a premium feature at the moment. Do let me know if you wish to know anything more about this feature.

I am a paid user and the benefits of screener is tremendous for my research.

One thing I would request is an ability to see any financial item x number of period ago

For instance, in amibroker if I want a price 2 days back I can write a formula I think ref(c,-1) where c is close.

Other programs have similar syntax

It would be great to have a quarterly or yearly net profit, x periods back in user columns

That will probably make it a bit intuitive for usage

Currently quarterly profits can only be referenced, upto 5 quarters back.
Some data like cash flow from operation is only available for latest year.
Some data cannot be referenced at all like “Fixed assets purchased”

Ideally if I could make a column called Ref(fixed assets purchased, -1) I should be able to get last periods fixed assets purchased.

I know those who come from IT background scrape this data and its quite easy to do but it puts unnecassary load on the server.


Hello Screener Team, i am an avid user of screener. This portal is unique in its space. Thank you for making our lives easy.

I am just curious to know if you plan to add weekly moving averages to the screen. 10 20 30 weekly exponential moving averages would be really beneficial to the community

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Can someone please help me to know the criteria for calculating ‘Expected Quarterly EPS’ of any company on screener. The description only talks about the Expected sales growth as the criteria. I am unable to understand that how does screener forecasts the future sales and also the EPS. Is it that some AI being used and if so then what is the raw data.

Let me know this by an example to illustrate how Screener might calculate the “Expected Quarterly EPS” using hypothetical data.

Company XYZ Example:

  1. Historical Sales Data:

    • Q1 2023: ₹500 million
    • Q2 2023: ₹550 million
    • Q3 2023: ₹600 million
    • Q4 2023: ₹660 million

    Observed Sales Growth Rate:

    • Q1 to Q2: 10%
    • Q2 to Q3: 9.1%
    • Q3 to Q4: 10%

    Average Sales Growth Rate: (10% + 9.1% + 10%) / 3 ≈ 9.7%

  2. Expected Sales Growth Rate for Q1 2024:
    Using the average growth rate of 9.7%, we project the Q1 2024 sales:

    • Q1 2024 expected sales: ₹660 million * (1 + 9.7%) ≈ ₹724.02 million
  3. Historical Profit Margins:

    • Gross Profit Margin: 30%
    • Operating Profit Margin: 20%
    • Net Profit Margin: 15%
  4. Projected Gross Profit for Q1 2024:

    • Gross Profit: 30% of ₹724.02 million ≈ ₹217.21 million
  5. Projected Operating Profit for Q1 2024:

    • Operating Profit: 20% of ₹724.02 million ≈ ₹144.80 million
  6. Projected Net Profit for Q1 2024:

    • Net Profit: 15% of ₹724.02 million ≈ ₹108.60 million
  7. Outstanding Shares:

    • Let’s assume Company XYZ has 10 million outstanding shares.
  8. Projected EPS for Q1 2024:

    • Projected EPS = Projected Net Profit / Outstanding Shares
    • Projected EPS = ₹108.60 million / 10 million shares
    • Projected EPS ≈ ₹10.86


Based on this example, Screener’s expected quarterly EPS for Company XYZ for Q1 2024 would be ₹10.86.

Key Points:

  • Sales Growth Rate: Derived from historical sales data.
  • Profit Margins: Historical profit margins are applied to projected sales.
  • Adjustments: Expenses, taxes, and other factors are considered based on historical trends.
  • Outstanding Shares: The number of shares is used to calculate the EPS.

Screener uses historical financial data and observed growth patterns to estimate future performance, ensuring the projections are based on realistic and data-driven assumptions.


In screener can i get forward p/e?

Can you please implement number of outstanding shares in income statement please.