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Hi Guys,

Delighted to present to wait is over. One-stop-shop for all your screening requirements.

)- Designed and built with all the love in the investing world byDalal-Street Team.

Following is the feedback I was happy to post…at…after just the first look…I was blown away…ValuePickr did a great job in introducing Screeners to India in 2010…We created a Power-User kind of screener. But these guys have done a much better job in simplifying it for everyone…this is a breakthrough product! just 2 years…by a single guy… Pratyush (hardly 25)…with no technical background…typical passion and Jugaad…guided by the able Ayush! and the abler SP Mittal…conceived grounds-up from home-grown requirements …things they used to spend hours calculating manually/mentally comparing before…designed and built with all the love…truly!


Congratulations! & Celebrations! It’s time to tell the World how happy (fortunate) we are to find the prodigiously talented Dalal-Street Team create such a beautifully-simplified-effective investment advisory platform. I am sure this will blossom further into something very very special in the near future.

1). This is already an excellent product - very very useful for the investment-savvy crowd as well as for beginner investors. A big leap …from where comparable product/services were yesterday:)

2). Earlier only 3% of the investment community knew the power of using Screening and Reports to effectively reduce their shortlisting time - to find investment worthy prospects. With this beautiful product - created with love by the Dstreet team - I just loved that tagline by the way - I am pretty sure this will climb to 10% straightaway…and can only go up…may be 50%…in a few years…that would be an awesome, awesome achievement…and service to the Investment Community.

3.There is tremendous Value in this offering…Do not try to be everything to everyone… in your niche you are already the Leader …define very clearly your target audience…and stick to QUALITY…do not fall for the QUANTITY trap…however enticing and alluring and tempting…it will seem from time to time. That’s the only way to SUSTAINABILITY of this love:)

Wishing you All the Best. May more & more like-minded folks join the DStreet movement!!!

Donald Francis


These guys need all your support to keep up the good work, enhance and improve from here. …not get stopped mid-track like ValuePickr…for want of resources.

I wont mind paying Rs 1000 or more for such a product. Knowing them (they share our investor education ethos…and delivering Value first, monetisation will inevitably follow if there’s value) I am guessing they will want to price it cheap, so everyone can have access to sophisticated analysis tools…that can dramatically shorten the time for you…leaving enough free-time to concentrate on ideas…leave all the computing…and comparisons…etc to

Let me show you why I liked it so much…I have been wanting to give Astral Poly Technik a thorough look again…I want to get convinced to allocate much more capital to Astral…on par with Mayur if not better…everytime I has to sit with my excel models…import in data of 10 years… import in Quarterly data for last 4-5 years…and my excel model will do the rest …and then I will start thinking and comparing…again manually.

The Astral Poly Technik snapshot and drill-down approach they have come up is brilliant. Simple top-of-mind things first, want to drill down and check anything…you can go right to 10 years of annual data…and the current BS, P&L or CFlow statements. For every company…all updated data…quarterly earnings alert…what more could you want?

A few more improvements…in complex computations…against historicals and Industry medians…all my computational headaches are over…leaving me FREE. Its a simple, beautiful product… I have fallen in Love… Try it! and get all your investor friends to taste the same:)

Be sure to leave your feedback after your visit. That will be crucial to seeing that this initiative remains strongly motivated…and proves to be of stellar service …both to the lay and savvy investor, for years to come.



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One major issue is they are using standalone numbers, which is a big hindrance.

I find the snapshot page at Edelweiss very useful (all this with consolidated numbers)

And their screeners are very good too. (paid access for users only)

They too source all their data from regularly updated and authenticated.

Going forward the major issue is the same lack of awareness (poor financial literacy). The 3% has more to with user ignorance than with the lack of proper good screeners.

Although a regularly updated, authentic screener will save us lots of time and tedious work. Most welcome.


Education part - Agree currently only power users use screeners. That will incrementally change. I am inspired to do more to educate -from ValuePickr side-too. I am able to see tremendous possibilities to extend this product …with all our user requirement feedback… these guys are listening:))

Putting up consolidaqted data …the tech challenge is solved…they need to find a good, reliable source(s)

Thanks a lot, Donald, for the thumbs up and giving us a huge encouragement!

This started off as an in-houseassistingsoftware but soon werealizedthe utility of the product and how this tool can shorten the time a investor takes in doing the stock analysis and screening. Plus the moment we add new technologies, value addition is unlimited.

The software is quite user-friendly and the fields are highly customizable.

As of now, we don’t have any specific plans or targets on monetization. We want people to start using it and exploring it. With time, we plan to bring more features. Plz do spread the word.



A BIG thanks Donald Bhaiya for the fabulous encouragement.

As the old adage goes, “most people have the will to win, few have the will to prepare to win.” This goes particularly well in the stock markets. While most have a will to earn through investing, only few prepare for it. The reason is that finance is boring! The numbers are boring, the requirement to think is boring, the amount of too many number…all are boring.

Through Screener, we make things beautiful, simple and functional.

At the moment we are trying to focus only on taking the tool to the maximum audience. To convert that small 3% number (of fundamental investors) into double digits. We seek the maximum support of the community to help in improving the tool as much as possible.

We are constantly working to take in more data and throw out more relevant information. The upcoming features will blow you away if they already haven’t ;).

Thanks again for all the kind words,



Hi Guys,

I haven’t seen a better screener than this one :slight_smile: & have been trying to make everyone i know have a look at it.

Way to go Pratyush, Ayush and team.

Pratyush and Ayush - great job with the screener. Congratulations! I am sure it will only become better with time. All the best!

Thanks for the encouragement. Do share your usage experience…we would like to improve the experience further :slight_smile:

Thanks & Regards,


Thanks and Congratulations Pratyush & Ayush for such a powerful yet b’ful product.

I was exploring an easy to use yet effective screener around and fits in right there.As Donald has already mentioned, it has all the information one wants to look at, last 10 years annual data, quarterly reports, Cash flow and much more. And the beauty is it is so much readable for beginners like me.

Thanks for such a wonderful tool.


Thanks Pratyush/Ayush for this excellent site.

One small thing that I miss most at your site is the debt side story. i.e the DE ratio, interest coverage ratio, % share pledged. Data on these will make the screening much more useful.

Keep the excellent work that you are doing.

Hi Subhash,

Thanks for your feedback. One can add own ratio’s -

So for your own customization, keep adding the relevant ratios you use. They will appear for every stock you look at.

Thanks & Regards,


Thanks to the Dallal Street team for bringing this to life, Its just wonderful to explore, I was totally glued to this one today.

Ayush, Only one thing if possible, can we put in a ratio or tab for the P.E. High / Low / Median for last 3 and 5 years respectively.

Thank you once again for the efforts on your part.

Wrm Rgds.

Thanks for the appreciation everybody :). We have included the consolidated numbers too now.


Simply amazed! There is no doubt in my mind you guys will make Screeners an integral part of any serious investor.

This customised to each individuals requirement is a wonderful grounds-up approach. I am sure people will start falling in love with for a number of such small small well-thought out functionality - this makes the product become more & more useful - tailored to my own needs.


Hi Ayush/Pratyush,

Just checked it out… I had used it earlier before the revamp… and the improvement is just amazing.

Kudos… great job…

Creating a new screen is just so easy and user friendly now…

Even the data snapshot for a selected stock is just wow…

I created a new screen and just rekindled my interest in Indag rubber.

Best regards,


Hi Guys,

We have introduced a new feature in of exporting the data to an excel sheet. The unique thing would be that one can customize the downloaded sheet and upload it back, to get excel sheets in his own customized format for all future cos:


Please give it a try and do share your feedback.

Nice feature Ayush,

May be one customized excel sheet example would have helped.

One feature request from my side. Can we have data present in below page in a single page in stock page. It gives me a cool single page view of the various ratios for the company along with consensus estimate for the same,

tried the new revamped version today and its absolutely fantastic.

great job ayush and pratyush.

makes stock research much easier.

I had never used screeners before, was not aware of any such facility. Came to know about screener thru one blog.

I am using screener everyday, i find the layout very user friendly, easy, simple to understand. last 10 years consolidated results , bs etc. are very useful and has saved a lot of time for me.

there are few things for which i have to refer to rediffmoney, maybe they are there in screener. i have to see and learn and maybe then i could put some suggestions.

There are people who are great investors and we like them for their skills. (but then everyone works for himself)

But by launching forums like Value pickr, sharing info thru blogs, launching tools like, one is helping investor community acheive their dreams who otherwise dont have muck means / knowledge to leverage upon.

Thanks to Donald, Ayush and everyone who are helping others.