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Hi Nimish, I am sorry, but it wouldn’t be possible to build custom moving averages on the website at the moment.

As we are focussing on providing more features around the fundamental aspects of the company. We have only limited technical indicators like 50 & 200 Day EMA, RSI and MACD.

kindly add industry comparison option which can be downloaded atleast yearwise on real time basis customizable

Just renewed my Annual Subscription.

I was wondering if there is any plans to add a Portfolio Tracking tool?


Hi @kowshick_kk
Is it possible to have a personal selection criteria?
There are some companies which I don’t want to appear in my query result… I don’t want to track those companies. So I want that there should be a selection tab from where I can select or deselect a stock to appear in query…

Problem also comes when start analysing the companies appearing in the query… if there are 50 or 100 companies appearing in a query then it is not possible to go deep in all the the companies. We do 10-15 at a time and there is no option available for us to mark that we have done these companies. Next time again the query will produce the same result and we have to remember which are the companies have already been done. A Yes/No filter may make our task much easier. It will allow me to select or deselct company to appear in the query.

Please check if it’s possible… It is going to save a lot of time

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Anyone know how the “Company is expected to give good quarter” is derived at?
More importantly is it reliable ? :slight_smile:


The Expected Nos. are statistical computations based only on variances in historical results. So it is roughly an average of historical growth rates in quarterly results and these numbers are arrived at based on our back-end computations.

It is just a statistical ratio and can be very different from actual results. It is prudent to always cross-check the shown ratios with your computations, as companies often post one-off good results that might not be sustainable in the future.


Hi Dinesh Sir,

Currently, it wouldn’t be possible to deselect the stocks while running your custom query. When you run a query our system takes the whole universe of stocks for consideration.

We do show the companies that you have already done your research by highlighting them as shown in the below screenshot.

As you can see in the above screenshot, the names of the three companies are highlighted in a dark color. It means that I have already gone to the company page on Screener.

However, I have also made a note of your suggestion and will share it with our team for conisderation.

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Hi Sir,

Thanks for your subscription. We have the Portfolio Tracking feature on our to-do list. However, we haven’t started to work on it yet.

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Thanks @kowshick_kk … I will still request to add a filter (if possible) so that I could permanently filter out some companies to appear in my watchlist…

Hi Kowshick,
What is the basis for peer stock list, when I am in stock details page… Some stocks listed under peers are out of place…

Hi Sir,

we show the industry classification as provided by our data providers. They are a little dated.

We have a few ideas to fix it at our end and use a “tag” system instead of a “tree” structure.

However, it requires a little extensive refactoring and thus takes time. In the new update, we will have a broader classification.

How about integrating the feed with WhatsApp or Telegram?

Also can esm etc actions be added to feed?

Hello kowshick_kk

Can we shortlist company based on who is publishing first time ever Investor Presentation or ConCall?

Any update on monthly subscription plan?

Hello, I wanted to check if there is a way to calculate free cash flow CAGR for say 3, 5 or 10 years in

Thanks in advance.

Hey, We do have certain plans to provide alerts through WhatsApp. It is on our to-do lists and we will try to work on it in the coming days.

Hi, You can see the latest Concalls and investor presentations on this page: Register - Screener

However, we can’t filter companies that are coming up with their maiden presentations at the moment.

Monthly subscription plans are still on our to-do lists and this has been one of our most requested features by our users. We haven’t started our work on it yet. We will try to prioritise in the coming days.