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My appreciations for your kind response. I am trying to replicate the same from figures given in screener. I could not get same figures; could you clarify with the formula?

Hi Niveyshak Sir,

We update the Balance sheet data on a half-yearly basis. ( September and March). The Company has reduced its borrowings after it published its half-yearly Balance sheet. ( Sep 2023)

The Change in the borrowings will be reflected on the website when the company publishes its Annual Balance sheet in March.

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Gratitude for the update

Can we have a few more industries under FMCG ?

  • Milk Products
  • Rice
  • Wellness products
  • Packaged foods

Currently, the above items are under " Food - Processing - Indian companies"

Hi @ahmed

The Current Industry classifications are done by our data providers based on the NIC code provided by the company on their Annual Report.

We have a few ideas to fix it at our end by creating a ‘‘Tag’’ system. In the new system, we will try to provide Broader Industry classifications. Tks.


Is there a feature in the screener to filter companies that are doing con-calls or any plans to add it in future?

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New listing is the company’s option

In Protean eGov, book value is absent. All other platforms are showing book value, not screener.

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I am planning to use screener premium. Does it offer any discount/offer any time of the year?

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Hi, Thanks for your interest in Screener Premium. The price remains the same throughout the year.

You can subscribe to Screener Premium here: Screener Premium - Screener

Hey, we don’t have any filter to track companies that are doing concalls at the moment. However, we provide the list of the latest Concalls/presentations that are published on this page: Register - Screener

I hate paying for paid subscriptions but screener premium is really nice, looks like you guys are not discounting on the pretext of diwali and black friday sale too, like one single price for the whole year and also shows you have pricing power, any plans for an IPO for Screener?


Concall notes is such a great feature for scanning companies though I think when I actually read concalls there is not much more qualitative data not covered in the notes but helps me to screen companies quickly and decide which ones are worth exploring more.
Are you guys using AI to provide the feature of concall notes?

Is there a way we can get notifications on phone apart from emails?

Hi, Thanks for your kind words. Our company is currently bootstrapped and we don’t have any plans for IPO at the moment.

We generate the Concall Notes using Chat GPT. Kindly let us know on what sort of data should be captured on the Notes. we will try to look into your feedback and try to improvise on it.


Hi @Garuna

Try the Push Notification feature: Register - Screener

You will get live alerts on all the Corporate announcements made by the company on your Core watchlist. We would suggest you enable the Push Notifications from your Google Chrome web browser.


Request for the product team: Please introduce portfolio tracking on screener with XIRR and benchmarking functions to enable performance tracking.


Can we please add a screener to filter companies if it does concalls or not? helps to avoid micro caps that have very little public information available.

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Hi, We do have the Portfolio Tracking feature on our to-do list. we will try to develop it in the coming days.

In case, you wish to track your portfolio, we would suggest you to try the Mprofit application. They have done a great job at Portfolio Tracking


Hi, Currently, we don’t have the option to filter companies based on whether they have done the concalls or not. You can filter micro-cap companies based on Market Cap.

On this page, we provide a list of companies that provided their Latest Concalls: Register - Screener