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Hi, you can use the following ratios to create a screen of such type:
Return Over 1/3/5 years for Price CAGR
Profit Growth for Profit CAGR
& Sales Growth for Sales CAGR

Hope that helps.


@ayushmit @pratyushmittal request to change the formula for calculation of change in Net profit. There seems to be an error in formula

Hi Dinesh, the delta in Net Profit is excluding exceptional items.

In case of DigiSpice, it seems to have discontinued one of its businesses. The loss of 21.38 Cr is from this discontinued business and is non-recurring in nature. This is excluded for delta calculation.

Hi Pratyush (@pratyushmittal): Looking for a feature on the chart - Price of BSE or Nifty alongwith existing parameters. Intent is to judge the relative strength in the stock’s price. Thanks.


Hi Pratyush (@pratyushmittal) & screener teams thanks for providing a valuable tool for student with free of cost.

I have one humble feature request:
Please provide an option to add the number of companies into a blacklist.
Please don’t make this a premium feature by limiting the number of companies which I can add to the Blacklist.

The companies which are blacklisted should not be visible in the list of companies coming after the use of screeners.

Also It’ll be great if there’s a possibility to see standalone and consolidated statements in mixture ? with greater priority to consolidated values ?


Hi Pratyush (@pratyushmittal) - Can we have a average Margins graph like we have for average PE?

Thanks! - Watchlist updates - email not received today.
Any specific or general issue? @pratyushmittal - U may like to check.

Piotroski Score is different in Screener and Trendlyne for some companies

Emami Ltd
Globus Spirits Ltd
Greaves Cotton Ltd
Lincoln Pharmaceuticals Ltd
Man Infraconstruction
Nava Ltd
Salzer Electronics Ltd
Sasken Technologies Ltd
Zydus Wellness Ltd


Hey, you can mail us your queries to

Our team is prompt in responding to queries.

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New Chrome extension by Santosh Badal to get more details from Screener.In

Acknowledged by Pratyush Mittal


Hi…ple update the hdfcbank equity shares it’s old pre Marge equity

I am not sure whether this was asked before. How can we get Free Cash Flow while creating screen? Currently free cash flow last year is shown but not of the current year. Is there any simple way to get current year free cash flow while creating formula in screener?

Hi Sreener Team,

Is there any plans to add fundamental data, ratios and charts for index as well. This will be a great addition to such a useful tool you all have developed.


How do we try this? I couldn’t find any link to download the extension.

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Santosh Badal is yet to share the chrome link. Will do shortly.

1 Like is really excellent informative website. One can find differnt stocks on a clik by screening it. I use it to find Where FII buying more, which companies reduced debt, which are companies doing growth and capex

Very nice features getting added (number of share holders recently). Is there anyway to filter companies based registration location (find companies based on a city - Mumbai / Kolkata).

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It looks like the extension is still not available in Chrome web store.

Good work @santoshbadal1111


Feature Request: I wish there is a “Sector” column in the screener.