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So here I am trying to find what exactly is the formula behind the ratio ‘cash debt contingent liabilities by mcap’.

Yes I see the description, shortname, but is there any way to see the formula. Tried replicating the formula as presented in the description, but was not able to match the answer presented by the ratio when chosen as a column for display.

When we are exporting data to excel, is there any way to also get the business segment wise data as well? Assuming that the user has take the paid subscription.

Did you divide the ratio into cash, debt and contingent liabilities?

I tried and couldn’t come up with the exact number either.

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Why don’t we incorporate a more advanced chart systems like in trading view will be more helpful to have a look at all fundamentals and technicals in the same place ? Would love it

And thank you screener team for all the gl great effort you guys keep putting into the system

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@pratyushmittal @ayushmit Thank you for the excellent tool in the hands of common small investors for free.

I like to request to extend a shareholding trends over YoY basis atleast to ten years like many other data, even without detailed drill down. It would help to see how promoters or institutions handled the company in terms of long term holding. The current 3 year period gives only a short term view on share holding patterns.

Thank you sirs !

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Is there a way to check for the price drop is a multi year 52 week low? CMP is not only below the current 52 week low but also lower than X number of years of ago?