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any good way to screen based on coffee can framework? which is ROCE every year is 15%+ and sales growth every year is 10%+? i mean sales growth on screener is given in average terms what if we want to filter out companies that grew sales EVERY year by 10% for 10 years and not by 10% as AVERAGE of 10 years…

This is reasonable screener for coffee can and one of the popular screener. Pl go through the screeners section


Core watchlist:
i wish i could filter out certain latest news/announcement parameters that i am not interested in…

Hello Screener Team ,
Today the Annual Report of Supriya Life sciences got released & the revenue mentioned over there for FY21 is different from the page —the Revenue mentioned on screener is 385 Cr whereas in the annual report it is showing as 391.2Cr —Review Note 22 in the annual report .

Kindly correct the error .

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is there any way i can filter “latest news section” by market cap. I tried to add that filter but didnt work. thanks.

Below are few scanners I created which maybe helpful to members

  1. Stocks hovering around 200MA:
    200MA - Screener

  2. Mark Minervini Trend Template:
    Trend template - Screener

  3. Powerplay stocks(Stocks which had considerable moves in short time)
    Powerplay - Screener


I had one question and request for feature if it’s not present already:
Similar to export to excel(where if we upload an excel, the customization is available to all stocks’ export to excel). Can we show the same on screener site also? For example, in export example we calculated medianPE of a stock, what if we show this on site also, so that we can view such customization on site itself instead of downloading excel for it. Thanks.

Hi @ayushmit , @pratyushmittal and Everyone, Quarterly EPS is not being exported(the row is blank) while doing export to excel, any suggestions from where we can get it?

Screener website:

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Hello, Can anybody share how to calculate Gross Block in …as what we have in is Net Block under Fixed asset hence I am wondering if there is an easy way to calculate Quickly the gross block ? or we have to every-time open the Annual report for a particular Year if we want to know the Gross Block of that Year ?

Thanks in advance

Gross Block is readily available under Fixed Assets in the Balance Sheet, it is available for each year as with every other component.

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Thanks a ton …i missed seeing it :slight_smile: …Much appreciated !

Hi, Does anyone know how to screen for recently IPOed stocks? For example need to screen for stocks IPOed within last 4 years. Thanks in advance!

Recent IPOs within a year query
Low price all time = Low price AND
High price = High price all time


@akash_das That’s neat! Thanks so much for help

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Screener for finding recent uptrending IPOs:

Hi @ayushmit and screener team

Can you look to add Beneish M-score in screener

Can some please guide how to run “screens” on “My Watchlist” only


Screener for 52 week high growth stocks:

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52w index in filteration how we can use ? and what actualy 52w inex means ?

Hey, it wouldn’t be possible to create a custom query only for your watchlist. However, you can sort your watchlist in either Ascending or Descending order by clicking on the column header of your choice.

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