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@keeyes Page 56-57 of the AR [] will demystify it.

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Thanks @Surender for the suggestion. I indeed went through the cash flow statement both in AR and screener data. The challenge I am facing is matching the Cash balance from Cash flow statement against the Balance sheet data displayed in Thanks.

What’s the query to use to get stocks that are near their 52 week lows or gone below the 52 week low?

Current price <= Low price

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this seems to give a nicer way of finding stock drifiting downwards

Current price <= 1.05 * Low price ; within 5% of the 52 week low

and this too seems to work

Current price <= 0.75 * High price


How can i add extra filter of nifty 50. I mean i want stocks only from nifty 50 which are close to 52 week low

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Add Market capitalization > 100k Cr (roughly Nifty 50’s lowest stock Mcap)

I was going through the IDFC First Page, Book value is shown as Rs 28.8 whereas in the latest as well as the previous quarter book value is much higher.

Q3 FY22 - Rs. 33.24 (page 82)
Q2 FY22 - Rs. 32.76 (page 77)

Please check and review it

Hi, how to use the credit rating filter?

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If you can add quarterly presentations under the documents section, will be of great help. Now a days most of the companies upload investor ppt after qtrly result…


One suggestion for “New Quarterly results” section:

If you can give the download button for the latest quarterly results to get it an excel sheet OR
Allow filters to remove kachra stocks (< 200 Cr Mcap), it will be very helpful…

Currently, we have to go through 100s of stocks to find stocks with reasonable liquidity which have announced earnings. There is a good chance of missing what you are looking for.

Eg: This thing happened to me with Sharda Cropchem, it was on my radar (as it is a coffee can stock) but somehow missed the results trigger.

Please consider @pratyushmittal

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@pratyushmittal bhai, request to create a variable where concall transcipts are available so that one can search only those cos who do regular concalls. There are a lot of cos who don’t so there is a need to filter those out. Also do explore the possibility of automatically updating concall details like date , time and phonenumber in a calendar like format so that one can keep track and possibly attend these calls. Some other things - if the ad expenses % is shown separately it would also benefit a lot. Also do consider shifting interest expense from financing cash flow to operational cas flow as it would give a more proper picture of cash flow from operations last but not the least - if there is a common size view of the balance sheet and p& l that would also help a lot. Thanks for all the effort taken and making screener the great tool it is!

You are having the option to use Market cap>200 and filter companies with current qtr result only…
it will allow you to download in excel sheet

@dinesh111a This does not help as date of the result is not available. Stocks move up the next day post results… Hence either date of the result is needed or filter in the “New Qtrly results” is needed…

how to create median of last n years formula on screener ?

eg- i am looking for median of last 10 year CFO

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Is it possible to check P/BV ratio for the longer time like the current PE chart? If yes, please let me know how to do it?

Available on


How to do backtesting? Are there any other screener providing this facility?

@ayushmit Sir there is data variation in june 21 quarter of Pokarna data is not as per company’s filing

where as in screener data is showing

I may be missing something