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Thanks dineshji . I have tried a lot , but couldn’t find out. Anyway this forum and like you people are so essential for layman investors like me.thanks and hope will carify more doubts in future too.

Globus Spirits Mar 2021 Profit and Loss is incongruent with past years. Zero manufacturing costs and OPM growing by 10%

Hello Team,

The CAMS Annual Report of last year has been uploaded as FY21. Also, in the Annual Report queue, the first two records are stuck at Infosys and Ksolves since last many days. New records are getting added in between and not at the top of the list.


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Similar to Upcoming Results, can we have Upcoming AGMs tracked in the Feed section?

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Kudos for the new features like corp actions/equity history/insider trades…

Can we have latest “Investor Presentations” just like “New Qtrly Results” “New Annual reports” in the Dashboard…



One more help

Can you identify these three companies ?

Sun, Syngene, Laurus.

You can search in Screener with all 3 years’ OCF added with ‘Operating cash flow 3years’ query.

I tried but showing not valid? What to type?
Operating cash flow 3 year < 6576
Like this?


Operating cash flow 3years > 14900

You get Sun at 14921 in the list.

You get the other 2 the same way.


Kindly add a filter option for companies (in each company page) to know if that company meets criteria of any one’s own personal scans / screener. This could be a game changer in analyzing companies faster.

Team, kindly elaborate the formula used in for calculating the intrinsic value.

I am currently using the formula outlined in

Intrinsic value = [EPS × (7 + g) × 8.5]/Y where

g = average of sales growth over 5 years
8.5 = Required rate of return
Y = current yield of AAA rated corporate bonds. I have considered SBI FD rate for 5 years which comes to 5.4

However, there is lot of deviation in value between screener and that calculated using above formula. I understand that there is no standard way of calculating intrinsic value but would like to understand how it is calculated in Thanks.

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Thanks I got a good ;earning on calculation of intrinsic value of stock . Is it good to choose where Intrinsic value is 2-4 times higher then CMP , provided all other parameters are also in favour like PE / PB / ROCE / ROE / Dividend Yield Etc.

I run a simple formula like
Market Capitalization > 130

and it fetches only 100 companies. This cant be true, is something wrong? I expect at least 700-800 companies to easily satisfy this rule.

Please advise.

Untick “Show only those companies where recent quarter result is available?” and try

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@kmadiga Thanks, that worked.

Hi Pratyush @pratyushmittal Ayush @ayushmit,

Would you pls tell me what’s relationship between Industry and Sector in Screener?

Say from Industry to Sector, Is it One to Many, Many to One or Many to Many?

I presume that It’s not One to One because then one of that would be redundant.

Or is it that they are independent?


Dear Pratyush @pratyushmittal , Ayush @ayushmit,

I find some variable in to be incorrect.
“Return on equity 5years growth” ( ROE 5Yr Var ) shows below incorrect data. Say ,

a) HUL has below data.
ROE 5Yr Var = -18.0 %

b) Britannia
ROE 5Yr Var = -1.20 %
another request, can we also have, Return on equity 10 years growth ( ROE 10 Yr Var )


It might be possible to update stock prices throughout the day as googlespreadsheet populates quotes and last volume with a 15min delay, its probably easy to scrape it off the spreadsheet and populate the database throughout the day with final overwrite once one gets proper EOD quotes
I spend my time at 2 scrrens, first on to check fundamentals and then on another screener to check volume/price
A traditional bar graph with coloured volume would mean one screen for most analysis.

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It would be nice to have the price chart in log scale as it would provide a better visualization of returns over the years. DRHP can be included in the documents section.
Thank you.


Yes, very good suggestion by @akash_das to include DRHP in the document section @ayushmit