Sandur Manganese

One can go to their bank website and apply for the rights through the IPO/Rights issue section. For HDFC its available through Request → IPO/Rights Issue and follow the process and one lands on the following screen

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You could download file from following link for ICICI bank -

Based on your city and area you could visit the branch and submit the form. (not all branches accept the form)

These all instructions are given in application letter sent by Company.

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Beneficial to SANDUR asit has mines in Bellary


Announcement under Regulation 30 of SEBI (LODR) Regulations, 2015- Allotment of Equity Shares on Rights Basis

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Are the shares credited in demat account or any mail communication which has been sent? i have neither received a mail or shares credited in demat?
please enlighten.

Did anyone attend the Sandur AGM?

Any notes from the same would be highly appreciated.


Chairman speech is available here -

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Thanks so a ton!

Did anyone ask or did they speak about profitability / margins in Q2 or FY23 full year guidance?

Also, so much talk and focus on expansion makes me tense. I was sure Coke oven is an absolutely good investment. Not sure about DI pipe

There was no discussion/comment on forward-looking nos or guidance.

Hi @ayushmit Sandur Manganese has mentioned in a press release that the cost of the DI and Pig Iron Plant has been raised to 2200 cr < combined capacity of 0.4 Million Tons> Any idea why the cost for the plant is so high?

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Seems like the management has also increased the scope (reproduced in the snippet below), but @ayushmit might be able to share more regarding the cost

Also, 3L TPA DI Pipe might be able to generate 1500-1800cr (50-60k/ton) and 1L TPA Pig Iron might be able to generate 200-300cr (20-30k/ton), given that max combined output is 4L TPA.
For Asset Turn ~1 and ~15% margins, is this a good enough investment?
(Please let me know in case I’m missing anything)


Public hearing for Iron ore capacity expansion & benefication plant was completed on 6th Dec, 2022. Proceeding notes from this hearing are now available -
public_hearing_proceedings.pdf (2.5 MB)
Proceedings have very positive testimonials and feedback for Sandur from nearby villagers. All of the testimonials were positive and were in support of the proposal.

Post public hearing, EAC meeting for EC approval was conducted on 17th Jan, 2023. Outcome of the meeting is awaited.

Outcome of the EAC meetings are generally available in couple of weeks from the meeting date. If the outcome is positive with committee recommending instant EC approval, it generally takes couple of weeks (post meeting outcome) for EC approval to arrive. If this goes well, we might see FY24 with higher volumes along with better iron ore grade.


Good work Tarang (@tpatel) in finding the Proceedings of the Environmental Public Hearing (EPH). Very positive. Pleasure to read views/ opinions/ objections/ suggestions of the public gathered in the Dec 6, 2022 meeting.

The ~3x iron ore capacity expansion and beneficiation plant proposal was considered by the EAC in Jan 17-18, 2023 meeting. The minutes of the meeting (MoM) is available here. The MoM has the long and much awaited green signal for EC grant.


How come the EC is valid only for - year till 31 Dec 23

Sir it is 2033 not 2023.