Sandur Manganese

Does it make sense to buy right entitlements since seller of rights have a huge profit to make when buying cost is only 10 rupees?

Also what price upper ceiling should we take into consideration when going for buying of rights entitlements ?

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Will the rights issue be traded from monday when they open ? and how does one subscribe to the rights ?
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Just like an IPO, online through ASBA supported by most bank websites


I have a query and would be glad if forum members can help here. I have Sandur Manganese shares in two DEMAT (two brokers) accounts bearing the same PAN. As Rights are applied through PAN, how can I apply for it for both accounts as they both have same PAN. As per my understanding , Rights application is similar to IPO application and if we apply for IPO through both DEMATS , then the bids get rejected. So I am in doubt of the situation as if I apply from both, it might be rejected and if I apply only from one account, the position in my second account remains at huge loss i.e. as it has become one-third. Please guide me here .

You will have the Composite Application No(CAF) in your email for both these accounts ,sent by SANDUR .

That number is the differentiator for different demat accounts inspite of having same PAN number.


Selling RE:
For selling rights entitlement one can use the demat account where its shown as Sandur-RE.
Why to sell ? if you want to exit and make money on your entitlements as RE is quoting around 800-900/share.

Subscribing to Rights issue:
I found it easy to do it via ASBA route , if you have accounts with banks link sbi, Axis etc where you apply for IPO, look for Sandur and apply like you apply for IPO. I find no option in any of the demat providers to subscribe its only there with bank sites as demat guys dont have the ASBA option.
Why to subscribe ? Company is allotting at 10/- share when it was quoting 2000+ , who wants to miss it ? either subscribe or sell the RE dont stay inactive and loose out.

Quantity :
You are eligible to apply for 2x the quantity that you hold.

8-aug to 29-Aug-2022.


Please use ASBA facility. I have SBI and Indian Bank. both are showing the SANDUR MANG. Please read carefully the Application form. We have two choice only 1) ASBA and 2) submission of physical form. Submission of Physical form is tedious job. Better Use ASBA through your Mapped in Bank with the Broker account your trading with.


Hi , I found this in the rights application mail send by Sandur. For two demat accounts two applications has to be made

u) The Investors shall submit only one Application Form for the Rights Entitlements available in a particular demat account. In case of Investors who have
provided details of demat account in accordance with the SEBI (ICDR) Regulations such the Investors will have to apply for the Rights Equity Shares from the same
demat account in which they are holding the Rights Entitlements and in case of multiple demat accounts the Investors are required to submit a separate Application
Form for each demat account.


You will loose, your RE (right entitlement) will be anguish by RE window (8aug-22 aug). So you must apply for Rights via ASBA or sell your RE in market (To avoid loosing ~2/3 of your capital)

My holding 100 share so in 1:2 ration ,i will get 200 share, can i apply for more than 200 share, is it possible to got more then 200 share in 10 rupee?

Yes. You can apply for more than the eligible number of shares. The eligible no (=200) will be assured and if the rights are undersubscribed, then you might get the extra shares.

When applying through ASBA What will be the investor category? shareholder or RII?

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RII. It might be mentioned below the Investor Category dropdown as well. For me it was well specified to apply in RII category in Axis Bank ASBA.



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Is it August 22nd or 29th?

22-Aug is RE can be sold in the market ( I read that it is 23 Aug in some other places) , and 29-Aug is closure of RE -ASBA application. Hope it helps


Does anyone know if it is possible to apply for this rights issue online through Zerodha or ICICIDIRECT?