Sakar Healthcare - Tiny Pharma Company for promising Growth ahead

They seem to be invested only in 1 company currently - Lyka Labs. Do you have any more information regarding past investments?

Meanwhile, in a strange turn of events the proposed allotment to B & K has been cancelled.

Only press release pertaining to respective rating which contains limited information are public. U will have to subscribe to and pay for the detailed rating rationale report to access said report. The link you are referring to is of press release and not the detailed rating rationale.

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Sakar Healthcare Limited has informed the Exchange regarding ‘Swiss based HBM Healthcare Investments; a leading global healthcare private equity recently invested Rs 14.85 crore in Sakar Healthcare through its wing COBRA.’


Hi, I am unable to buy the scrip. The order keeps getting rejected. I use Axis direct, NRI account. It asks me to put in a lot size of 3,000, which I do and still get rejected. Any insights would be appreciated.

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Sakar Healthcare Q-1

While there has been de-growth in sales, ebitda margins have improved. Numbers are decent considering higher depreciation owing to their foray in oncology formulations.

  • Depreciation up from 2.18 Cr to 3.57 Cr
  • Finance cost up from 0.49 Cr to 0.86 Cr

What’s interesting :

Their manufacturing facility for OSD and tablets + capsules was expected to commercialise in June 2022.

In the OSD section, they have targeted 5 high-value molecules at the beginning. (Source - Arihant Capital Notes)

The commercialisation might be delayed in my view due to following reason :

  • They are in the process to obtain approval from EU which will take anywhere between 4-6 weeks time post audit if there aren’t any major observations.

  • In case they receive any major observations, the commercialisation can be delayed by an indefinite time.

While the targets are pretty optimistic and at the same time achievable too, I’ll be keeping an eye on balance sheet position along with execution.

Disclosure - Not invested but definitely interested.