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Receivables difference is mainly due to masivian and mr messaging… which the company acquired recently

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Revenue growth is a given, courtesy the tailwinds.

Margin is the KPI.

Every percentage point improvement in margin can have a disproportionate impact on Market Cap.

Can they deliver? Competition will keep chipping away at the margins.

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A big anti thesis point to CPaaS companies if following is considered and rolls out.


Management is going to consider buyback. Shows good intentions towards shareholders. Will be interesting to see the buyback price.

07747430-400e-4e84-a8af-69497bdc7081.pdf (317.8 KB)

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A tad confused with the buyback proposal. Obviously the market didn’t like buyback from open market at/below Rs.1700. But they did a QIP few months ago worth ~870Cr and am assuming they are using a part of that raised money to buyback from open market. A bit hard to deduce the management strategy with these moves.

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