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Portfolio open for suggestions…Feel free to give negative comments.


Your PF seems a bit inspired fro Vijay Kedia. Is it so?


Yes. But only one stock is doing well. Others lost money (so far)

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There is no point honestly to follow these big investors blindly as we do not know their entry price. I am also a novice investor like you and you can see my PF in the below link. After losing money by following RJ, Kedia, Pabrai, Dolly Khanna - I built a PF comprising quaity stocks which can save me from wealth destruction.


Hi Raghunath,

Its interesting to see your portfolio -

It would be great if you can look into FMCG, PHARMA & CHEMICAL baskets… Next growth sector would be on Pharma & Chemicals especially…
I hold Rain, Laurus Labs & planning to enter into Logistics : Logistics has its own pro & cons as it has it own variations under its umbrella.

I take stock ideas from experts and buy only after I am convinced. Buying quality can be a good strategy if you are content with 10-12% returns which is not bad if you want to sleep well.

I am a bit more adventurous. Even if one of the stock in my portfolio becomes 10 bagger, it covers for few losers.

Agree I feel chemicals is the next big thing…In last 2 years of my investment, I have made maximum returns from chemicals and the future growth looks great too.

I have Laurus labs which is almost same as chemicals theme.

If u see the coffee can based approach, the returns can definitely be better than 12%…u see all the high performing large caps in last 10 years…they wud have generate a good high teens returns.

I don’t go by themes, I go by stocks. Chemicals do not have any entry barriers. They are just suppliers. A better way to buy moving of suppliers from china to India will be to buy pharma api players as it takes lot of time to get approvals and build competency. Look at the operating margins of laurus, granuels vs the chemical players.

Investing based on past returns may not be good idea. Hul did not perform from 2000 to 2010.

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There might be one off case, but overall they can give good results

Thanks appreciate your views. However Laurus labs are basically into pharma and API intermediaries : They have started their own branch of chemicals for producing intermediaries.

Chemical sectors as per the growth exponential : Caustic Soda, Soda Ash, Chlorine,Dyes, Agri chem has good future due to most of company closure in China and anti dumping duties getting high… If you can look at charts of Vinati, Navin Fluorine, Aarti industries its suffice to justify on operating margins…

Yes I agree your portfolio is like buy and forget kind of. You will not do great but you will do fine.

It’s not high growth that drives value. It’s the growth with entry barriers that creates value.
Very few companies in chemicals have entry barriers

Closure in China not necessarily will come to India. IT outsourcing was big theme. How many companies were winners? Can you spot those two winners in chemicals? May be Aarti industries is the one? Who knows

TCI and TCI Express you mentioned buy price as 17 & 70 respectively.I assume you are holding TCI from much lower level but TCI express may be u got after de-merger and listed more than 200-300 range.can you explain how you arrive at Rs 70 price for TCI express, sorry if i missed something …trying to understand as i too hold both shares.

Good question.
I put 3 lakhs in tci in 2012. Now the value is around 30 lakhs. So basically it became 10 bagger. So for the sake of simplicity I wrote it like that. I bought 6000 shares of tci for 50.
Now I have 6000 shares of tci + 3000 shares of tci express. I sold few so I hold 5800 tci and 2900 shares of XPS


Its interesting that you ran equity advisory service and asking for feedback here.Have you stopped the service?I liked some of your selection

As care, Repco and Everest are losers in portfolio, thinking to sell of and put them in other stocks.
The percentage holding in the portfolio is too small to keep holding them.