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No idea, may be u shd ask the company or the FIIs/DIIs to get the answer.


@Kumar_manas please may you share your average entry prices?

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Hey Manas , a general suggestion. When I started out I was also invested in concentrated positions similar to your PF. When you are investing across multiple market cycles, its generally advisable to have concentrated positions in only B2C businesses where the businesses have secular earnings trend and pricing power. I had learnt this lesson of risk in concentrated positions the hard way, so just giving you a heads up. Capping 10% initial capital allocation in B2B businesses works well for risk management


@Kumar_manas TSPL’s top-line and bottom-line shrank whereas GPIL posted stunning results. When everyone is making so much noise about inflation and how it is hurting their bottom-lines, GPIL seems to be unaffected by it. Any thoughts on how this has been possible? I am waiting for results from Shyam Metallics to see who the actual outlier is.

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Please go through the thread of GPIL, explained it many times.

GPIL has its own mines. Not just that, GPIL has mines for next 20-25 yrs, which no other private listed company in India has (at old rates, not the newly acquired mines at 100%+ premium)


Manas Bhai, what you consider important when valuing a company. What ratios do you look at?

Hello Manas,
Have you calculated the Beta of your portfolio? If you have, could you share it with us?


Thank you for the suggestion Varun,

However, today many B2C companies including large caps like HDFC are at 52 week lows, while small cap GPIL is near highs.
Many investors have lost substantial amounts in portfolio despite a very diversified portfolio.


Very true. Commodity is on huge demand because of the geopolitical factors GPIL has touched UC Today. Further up move and sustenance depends on how long the commodify cycle plays out. Small cap is a risky bet but can become a multibagger if the external macroeconomic factors favor that particular sector

Hey @Kumar_manas,

Loved your investment strategy of finding businesses which are at cheap valuations and are going through a capex which would do better 2-3 years from now.

I have tried this idea on a business named - Ngl fine chem, currently going through huge capex and currently trading at its median P/E valuations. What do you think about it? Does is really follow your investment strategy? Would be interested in hearing your views?


Portfolio making new highs-
all 4 stocks- GPIL, meghmani twins, Dynemic products doing well.

Planning to increase my annual expenses soon, so that 40x multiple remains the same despite increase in portfolio value.


20% of my portfolio is meghmani finechem, and is doing very well, thanks to huge capex and low valuations.
Thanks to all the boarders who commented on my portfolio.
Portfolio touching new highs almost daily!

Planning to again increase my annual expenses to keep up with the portfolio.


Thank you.
Idea gen is pretty simple, I read about 10 new cos each day, and track 100s of cos.


Hey Manas,

What’s your short term view of GPIL? Demand softening may dampen the uptrend we’re seeing in the counter? Do we see billet prices going lower enough to be a major concern? Obviously nothing changes in the long term story.

mentioned on GPIL thread

Superb result by another 20% allocation stock in portfolio today- Meghmani Organics.

All cylinders firing in the portfolio, though GPIL has come off from the highs, but that is more due to market correction than change in stock fundamentals.


Govt implemented export duty of 45% on iron ore pellet. Seems a big negative for GPIL. Whats your view on this @Kumar_manas


shared the view and the calculations on GPIL thread


Hello Manas.
Would love to have your views on Dynemic Q4 results.
The quarter has been disappointing to say the least.
The margins have come down drastically and is reflecting on the share price.
How do you see the company going forward.

yes poor results, however once utilization improves, the profits would go up too.

Meanwhile, I have trimmed some to add more GPIL.
GPIL is now 50% of portfolio.