Laurus Labs - Can Business Transform to Next Level?

Actually Kotak has a recent similar reco too.

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Thanks for the discussion. And apologies for a poorly structured post to unwittingly take this thread in a different direction. That was not my intention. Rather, the post was for us to debunk the narrative / rationale put down by brokerage than blindly following (or being against) them. This allows us to cover any blind spot in our investment thesis.

Like for example what I wanted to ask was this:

  • Do we believe that there is a downside risk for Synthesis sales for FY25?
  • How do we compare Syngene with Laurus when we are investing our money?
  • How did the previous brokerage comment of cessation of Paxlovid and lower ARV realisation pan out? Is this risk still valid now?

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From an article published 16 hours back, in BQ prime.

Laurus’ exports rose 30% year-on-year to $30 million (ex-Paxlovid), but July to August sales were flattish, sequentially

P. S. Export data for August 2023, based on JM Financial’s report