Laurus Labs - Can Business Transform to Next Level?

Follow up from earlier post:

Laurus and Divi’s both saw covid related products fall off a cliff and go to 0 in Q3FY23. Now, Laurus has resumed shipping Paxlovid in Q4FY23. It currently forms 50% of Laurus’ export revenue in Q4.

Despite this resumption, the market hasn’t reacted. One expects sequential improvement in Laurus’ numbers due to this, but ex-covid related molecules (like TLD) are still very much in the doldrums compared to volumes seen a year ago.


How can you verify / get the data before end of quarter?


Where can you see this accurate data?
Any source or website will be helpful

We have separate dedicated threads for technical charts. We do not encourage technical charts posted on individual threads as it is meant for fundamental discussions & we do not want un-necessary clutter on company’s thread.


Same question I have. Import Export data?



can u please state the source of this data and where this can be tracked regularly??

Hi Mayank , my biggest red Flag is decreased promoters holding. Could you or someone put some light on it. Also deviating from human to animal field. What will be the impact ?

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Great interview with Dr Chava


They did that to raise funds for the company which was right for shareholders.

Unlike Adani, who have high promotes holding but huge debt on the company books.

Chava has mentioned this in one of the interviews.


Thanks for your input. Also what is your opinion about deviating to animal field. Have any one done that before. I have many cattles, have not found any medicines which is made by any human drug makers

Gradually, the difference between cattles and humans have started fading away at a much faster rate than ever before…

One such evidence is buying high and selling low…even after repeated resolutions…

If this continues, whatever drugs works for humans will start to work with cattles also…and that day is very near…

So stay invested…

Hope that helped


Please watch the interview last interview of Sajal Kapoor, Niraj Shah and Dr Chava.

The way CDMO business works is, the more chemistriy services and the scientists you offer, higer is your growth. Higher your “circumference”, more chances of you winning the projects.

I have borrowed the above points from that interview.

Please watch this interview. Lot of very good points discussed. It will address your questions


Laurus Labs in my pov, is like a spawner business. making new fields and succeeding.
ARV API → Formulations → CDMO → bio and also to non arv api’s and non-arv formulations.

developing to such extent is also a great thing.

Now with animal and agro, you get new things to go for. why so? because sooner or later the cdmo will get demerged. (self-reliant subsidiary by xyz date was clearly written in investor presentation and that’s the need of that business for ip protection and assurity)

In the recent interview dr. chava himself said that time for agro takes less time for approval compared to human.

and in my view animal will also be less compared to humans. companion animal will be a high margin business(hope so unless they go for generics here).

dis: invested and biased


They are diversifying in Agrochemicals and Animal Pharma. There are actually many advantages in Animal Pharma.



Interestingly, only the positives of animal pharma are mentioned and nothing of the negatives.

  • Much more competition as entry barriers significantly lower
  • lower margin business
  • distribution as difficult or probably more difficult due to the dominance of existing channels & players.

I also agree to this. Also, it looks like, some managements always look for expanding in new fields too rapidly without checking if it is really needed for their business or not. It sometimes impact margins and reduce ROCE. I am not saying that, Laurus Labs is in this category, but some caution is needed.
I have seen this happening with Tech Mahindra in the IT sector. Aggressive revenue targets diluting margins during 2010-2020, and it has lost against the competition in terms of shareholder returns.


Please correct me if I’m wrong. laurus in entering into innovator molecule cdmo in agrochem and animal Pharma. These aren’t generic molecules. .

animal health and human pharma CDMOs have similar asset turns and margins. Agro cdmo has higher asset turns and lower margins, but return ratios would be similar.- From Q3FY23 concall.


I am 100% agree with your opinion. Jumping to all sectors will not help any brand. Typical case is PAYTM, if you open the app, its like whole world is there.